About Me



My name is Michael Charge. I’m currently employed by Rockstar Games as Online Mission Flow Designer, working out of the Rockstar North office in Edinburgh. Before joining the company, I spent 18 months at BigBit in Brighton, working as a programmer on mobile games for clients such as Channel 4 and Bossa Studios.

I studied my undergraduate at Tesside University, achieveing a First Class Honours degree in Computing. Wishing to expand my skillset, I then went to Abertay University to take part in their renowned MProf Games Development program.

Although I have studied general games programming, I am more interested in the design and creation of gameplay systems. I enjoy creating the overall aspect of it and working how to accurately balance it. To improve these skills, I’m constantly working on new prototypes and projects in a selection of engines and languages.

Outside of programming, I also have a great interest in the analysis of games and as part of this I have written reviews for various online outlets. This hasn’t quite yet ruined my enjoyment of games and I’m still a keen collector and player of them. I primarily play on PC and Xbox 360 but I have interest in a wide variety of platforms, including traditional tabletop and roleplaying games. I also enjoy writing for my own personal blog.

On top of all that, I’m a keen reader,  an avid tech head and enjoy cooking (and then eating) good food. When I can, I play Airsoft, a game similar to Paintball but using more realistic equipment and firing plastic pellets rather than paint. I often film these trips via GoPro and upload the footage online.

While at Teesside University, I played an active part in both the Gaming Society and the Airsoft Club, acting as the Treasurer of the Gaming Society 2011-2012 and the Chairman of the Airsoft Club 2012 – 2013.