I’m Free!

Well that’s all the teaching in this module done. I ended up having a race to the finish but got all the final work handed and I can now be ready for the summer. Sit back, relax and….

… go back in for one more group project before I leave Dundee.

Outside of university, I have started the job hunt. I’ve already put out a few feelers and have had some responses. I’m actually really excited about this stage – I’m applying to companies both inside and outside of the UK. It would be really cool to go work abroad (although I would need to improve my foreign language skills first) but its also terrifying. Part of me would also really like to stay in the UK and find a job but at the end of the day, I’ll be happy to move to where someone will employ me.

I’ve also started a few projects. The aim is that by the end of my university course, I will have several small prototypes ready to sit alongside my university stuff to show off and improve my general employability. Making games by myself however, is pretty hard (and they will also look pretty bad thanks to my lack of artistic skills) but luckily there have been a few other people interested in this. I’ve been recruited by one of the designers to be a programmer on a block of his ptorotypes – we currently have four planned but there is the potential to add a few more.

Finally, I’ve also been trying out some other, non-game related, things. I’m a huge fan of miniatures wargames – I love me some 40k and have been really enjoying the quick games when I went back home for Christmas and Easter. I’ve also been looking for a long time for a decent set of rules and figures to play with in the modern era. Luckily this has appeared in the form of the Spectre Miniatures kickstarter!

I may have splurged a little bit and bought in for one each of the PMC/SF packs (not a huge fan of the models for the African troops) so there will hopefully be a little bit of black ops skirmishes going down. I’ve had a little try with the rules (available to kickstarter backers) and they are really nice and detailed while still being pretty fast paced. The models themselves are also pretty good, using CAD drawings to sculpt the weapons. I’ve also picked up a few Hasslefree minatures to assist them in the game (and add some much needed support weapons).