Spectre Miniatures Update: Reinforcements

I mentioned last time that I was missing a set of models from the Spectre Miniatures Kickstarter. Well, I’m happy to say that they turned up and are just what I was wanting. Sadly I’m lacking a good camera at the moment (my phone packed in and my temp one is a bit lacking) to take a snap of them but I’ll make sure to grab a few pictures when they have been painted up.

So The Nigerians play a pretty important part in the African setting that Spectre uses but for me, the models work equally well as your generic AK armed goons (perfect for the SAS to go sneaking past) or possibly as other members of the PMC Bravo group if you are basing them around gear types. Either way its a nice set of guys that look pretty professional.

Actual picture of these guys coming soon

I also got a few extra sets arrive at the same time as the Nigerians. Three of them were duplicates of ones I’ve already shown (Delta riflemen, PMC Alpha and the CIA Agents) that I’ll paint up in a different scheme to the sets I already have. I’m possibly thinking of assembling the Delta guys with NVGs down and try to paint them so they look they are at night, with the glow of the NVGs reflecting off of their faces. Or potentially I’ll have a bit more of play around with paint schemes

The final set was the African Paramilitary set. I was originally looking at these (and the Rebel Soldiers) when the Kickstarter was first announced as good standins for the more rough and ready PMC groups with the right paint job and a few tiny tweaks. I’m probably going green stuff up the chap in short’s leg to make him look a little more trooper and do a much more matched paint scheme on them. I’ll probably use them as the local muscle to the CIA’s  high tech and stealthy guys.

Actual pictures coming soon
Actual pictures coming soon

I think there is one or two models I’d like to pick up in the new year once they additions to the range are added. I’m a massive fan of the new SAS low profile guys that look just like the chaps who pop up in a video of the US marines and SAS in Afghanistan and the support weapons will be handy to give the smaller Elite forces more kick. After them, I’ll get them all painted and played with before looking for more – some regular Army figures (be they Russian, British, American or ANZAC) would be cool, while some more overt bad guys could also be handy. But need to get this first batch all painted before any of that.

Really excited for these guys – perfect for clearing downtown Freetown or Baghdad

As always, if you want a set of your own operators or milita to add to your collection, then Spectre Miniatures are starting to sell their models through their site now the Kickstarter pledges are mostly finished off. We are still waiting on the final version of the rules but it should be pretty soon and based off the beta ones, its going to be a really interesting little game.