The Shadow War: Downed Pilots

I still haven’t got round to painting up the Brits (still waiting on the MTP paints) but I did get my downed pilots all good to go.

2015-03-08 13.46.15
Ward and Sullivan ready for their latest caper

Looking at research pictures, there is 101 different sets of colour schemes and combinations worn by UK Apache pilots. Base layers can be different coloured coveralls or fatigues while the vest are either plain tan or MTP. I wait for a general purpose look (plain green coverall and tan vest) in order to make them useable across a selection of scenarios (the L22 looks super cool and could pass at a glance as some sort of AUG). So expect to see these two pilots as downed chopper pilots in Afghanistan, crashed cargo drivers in the Congo or even recon pilots escaping behind enemy lines in the Balkans.

And speaking of objective markers, I now have a wide selection of them. Due to a slight SNAFU from Spectre they accidentally sent me additional models thinking my pledge rewards hadn’t been sent. This also explained the extra guys I got around Christmas. Thanks to it, I now have another set of Green Beret contractors, another set of AK contractors and Delta Close support. In addition I also got a complete set of Kickstarter exclusives. This means I now have two separate VIPs to involve. I think the be-suited VIP and bodyguards will come in handy. As for the duplicates, I think I’ll paint the Delta’s up to match but the contractors will be slightly tweaked – only need one set of Green Berets.

Of course, all these free figures means I have to buy some more models from Spectre when I head up to Salute in April . I’m also tempted to pick up some more Brits from Empress (in particular the mortar and the .50cal) so the Para’s and SAS can do some defensive ops.


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