Reju 2015 - "Warm but not as bad as last year" edition
Reju 2015 – “Warm but not as bad as last year” edition

Hey Michael, whats going on!

Well actually quite a lot hence why there haven’t been so many posts. Between visiting home, going to Reju, playing some tabletop games and doing oh so much work I really haven’t had time to sit down in the evenings on write.

Played some tabletop? Will we be seeing some reports?

…Yes. But I’m probably not going to do much a rules review. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get them finished off.

The reason behind my reluctance is as much as I love Spectre’s model range (I just bought a load more of the devils) I really fell down hard on the rules. Between two matched sides played by beginners it works great but as familiarity breeds contempt and before you know it you’ve pulled down the curtain and the man behind is frantically trying to cover the cracks. It has a good basis but I’ll be waiting for the next edition to be released before trying again.

Oh. How’s Skirmish Sangin going? You bought the books for that one.

So I finally got round to playing that. Peeb and I did a four on four game with matching sides (although varied body values) in order to try out the rules. To be honest, the fact it looks like Dark Heresy but modern day was a little terrifying but once you get into the game the time just flys by. I’ll write some up about it at some point but I very much enjoyed it.

The only downside was that Sangin doesn’t quite give you the same “kid in a candy store” feel that Spectre does. So as a side project, I’m going to start writing some rules for some additional items and a few scenarios for my army. Hopefully I’ll be able to test them on both the Brighton and the York guys.

So how many models do you have now?

Too many. I finally finished making my British Army Platoon (all painted and based) and will be writing a post on them. I also ordered a few more insurgents to bring my sides up to being equal. I have worked out I have 6 factions I can play around with, giving me a nice box of toys to create missions with. Still keeping an eye on Spectre and Empress for cool figures but I might pause buying until I’ve painted the lead mountain.

Other stuff?

Work is fun, airsofting was good (videos soon) and getting to enjoy driving up and down the country.

How’s personal project X going?

No comment

More posts?

Soon. I have lots to write about I just have to find the time/motivation to do it

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