Lead Mountain: Update 1

(For an explanation of Lead Mountain, see this post)

So I messed up slightly – I decided to start this challenge a week before Colours, one of the great wargames conventions that the UK is host to. I mainly went along to meet a few other Skirmish Sangin wargamers (including Tiny Terrain) but the Empress stand may have dragged me in. As someone with the eye for Operators, I left that stall with three new packs of four models. I then carried on upstairs, where Battle Studios had Evil Bear Wargames’s awesome hardsuits in stock, pefect for some near future sci fi (the sci fi twinges of Metal Gear V also played a part in my interest) and a very nice metal tin found its way into my bag.

Overall the new figures amount to:

  • Evil Bear Wargames Hardsuits – Perfect for adding some mild sci-fi to your wargaming, these hardsuits are awesome. I’m really looking forward to painting these up in an almost A10 style, complete with shark teeth and other decorations. I’m also getting excited for the prospect of sneaking them in to a scenario and seeing how Skirmish Sangin handles them.
  • Empress PLA Special Forces – To fit in with the range of African Militia I already, I decided to pick up a few of these guys to join in the conflict. They should be cool as an alternative to all the western forces when I have rescuing hostages or showing up to protect their interests in the region.
  • Empress US SEAL Team Six – I already have a large number of guys like this already but the sculpt on this set is awesome. You can spot details down to a minute level, such as the M320 in the holster of one of the guys.
  • Empress MILI02- I’m not sold on Empress’s new range. Some of the packs look like they a slight scale problems and bare headed characters look especially bad. On the other hand this pack of guys in heavy body armour look awesome. I’m especially sold due to their similarity to my airsoft loadout so a pack just had to be picked up. I’ve already green stuffed a facemask onto one of them and look forward to painting tiny white letters on his helmet.

The “Don’t Buy Models” thing starts this week. On the other hand, we get some new cool models for me to paint as well.

Current Workbench – waiting for the bases to arrive

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So how is the lead mountain currently standing? Items in italics have changed since the last update.

Already painted, varnished and based – 87:

  • 38 Empress – Modern British Infantry
  • 14 Spectre – UKSF (of various types)
  • 6 Spectre – Task Force Operators (painted as SAS) + 1 Spectre Dog
  • 10 Spectre – AK armed contractors
  • 5 Spectre – Western Contractors (being used as US Special Forces)
  • 11 Spectre – Task Force Operators (being used as US Army Rangers
  • 2 Spectre – Intelligence Agents
  • 1 Spectre – African Soldier

In the process of being painted, varnished and based – 21 :

  • 1 Empress – Dog for Counter-IED Team – Based, needs painting
  • 1 Spectre – Dog – Based, needs washing
  • 1 Empress – Warrior IFV – Basecoated, some green painted
  • 4 Spectre – African Soldiers – partially painted
  • 14 Spectre – Insurgents – Based, some colours painted

Basecoated with Basing Material– 22:

  • 17 Radio DishDash –  Taliban
  • 1 Empress – Armoured Troopers
  • 2 Evil Bear Wargames – Hardsuits – being painted in parts
  • 2 Spectre – Hostages

Basecoated – 60:

  • 4 Empress – US Frogmen
  • 5 Hasslefree Miniatures – Modern Troopers
  • 1 Spectre – UKSF (ghille suit with M4)
  • 5 Spectre – Western Contractors (Converted with Shemaghs)
  • 8 Spectre – SMG Armed Contractors
  • Spectre – 1 VIP and 3 Bodyguards
  • 6 Spectre – Intelligence Agents
  • Spectre – Female Contactor (Salute 2015 model)
  • Spectre – 1 Agitator and 1 Bodyguard
  • 15 Spectre – Task Force Contractors (To be split between UKSF and Rangers)
  • 7 Spectre – African Locals
  • 2 Spectre – Deniable Assets

Raw Metal – 11:

  • 4 Empress – PLA Special Forces
  • 4 Empress – US SEAL Team 6
  • 3 Empress – Armoured Troopers

Not Arrived – ~32ish:

  • Backer rewards from Radio DishDash “Day of the Ranger” Kickstarter
    • Estimated 8 Delta, 24ish Rangers

Total Models: 233

Models finished (Based, painted and varnished): 87

Percentage of collection finished: 37.3% painted

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