Lead Mountain: Update 2

This week wasn’t quite as productive as I would have hoped – between D&D, work, coding projects and finishing Metal Gear Solid V, I didn’t get many figures painted. The next order of bases also failed to arrive which put that plan on hold as well. However, I did do a few things. I based a few of the Spectre models ready for painting up next week,  I started on the hardsuits and got one of the Empress Armoured guys all done – painted, based and varnished.

2015-09-19 14.10.05
Armoured Guy 1 out in the green

I tried to keep a simple paint scheme based around my own airsoft gear and the FBI HRT teams. This is first time I have done drybrushing on models, with a small amount of Basalt Grey to prevent the black from looking unpainted and a fine layer of Iraqi Sand to add some dirt. I’m happy with him and looking forward to getting the rest of the set painted. As for the model, its pretty nice but not quite as good as Empress’s usual stuff. The details look a little melted compared to the crispness of the British guys I have painted. However, on the table top they will fit in just fine.

The workbench, week 2

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In related model news, Radio DishDash have put out some more details on their kickstarter of the Somalis they will be making available once the pledge manager goes out this week. My original plan was to get a load of Rangers to make a full platoon, but the sheer quality of the new models is making me ponder this, as well as the fact I can use the Somalis for almost any African conflict. I will probably end up getting a mix of Rangers, Delta and some Somalis to give a nice challenge.

So how is the lead mountain currently standing? Items in italics have changed since the last update.

Already painted, varnished and based – 88:

  • 38 Empress – Modern British Infantry
  • 14 Spectre – UKSF (of various types)
  • 6 Spectre – Task Force Operators (painted as SAS) + 1 Spectre Dog
  • 10 Spectre – AK armed contractors
  • 5 Spectre – Western Contractors (being used as US Special Forces)
  • 11 Spectre – Task Force Operators (being used as US Army Rangers
  • 2 Spectre – Intelligence Agents
  • 1 Spectre – African Soldier
  • 1 Empress – Armoured Troopers

In the process of being painted, varnished and based – 22 :

  • 1 Empress – Dog for Counter-IED Team – Based, needs painting
  • 1 Spectre – Dog – Based, needs washing
  • 1 Empress – Warrior IFV – Basecoated, some green painted
  • 4 Spectre – African Soldiers – partially painted
  • 14 Spectre – Insurgents – Based, some colours painted
  • 1 Evil Bear Wargames – Hardsuits – being painted in parts

Basecoated with Basing Material– 26:

  • 17 Radio DishDash –  Taliban
  • 1 Evil Bear Wargames – Hardsuits – being painted in parts
  • 2 Spectre – Hostages
  • 1 Spectre – UKSF (ghille suit with M4)
  • 5 Spectre – Western Contractors (Converted with Shemaghs)

Basecoated – 54:

  • 4 Empress – US Frogmen
  • 5 Hasslefree Miniatures – Modern Troopers
  • 8 Spectre – SMG Armed Contractors
  • Spectre – 1 VIP and 3 Bodyguards
  • 6 Spectre – Intelligence Agents
  • Spectre – Female Contactor (Salute 2015 model)
  • Spectre – 1 Agitator and 1 Bodyguard
  • 15 Spectre – Task Force Contractors (To be split between UKSF and Rangers)
  • 7 Spectre – African Locals
  • 2 Spectre – Deniable Assets

Raw Metal – 11:

  • 4 Empress – PLA Special Forces
  • 4 Empress – US SEAL Team 6
  • 3 Empress – Armoured Troopers

Not Arrived – ~32ish:

  • Backer rewards from Radio DishDash “Day of the Ranger” Kickstarter
    • Estimated 8 Delta, 24ish Rangers

Total Models: 233

Models finished (Based, painted and varnished): 88

Percentage of collection finished: 37.8% painted

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