Feather Added to Cap

I’m writing this from my new flat in Edinburgh – first night in by myself after a mad weekend of moving furniture around, going to IKEA and sorting out where I will be living for a while. Its a step up from Brighton – feels much more like a flat I want to be in in a city I love. As an aside, my back feels like a truck hit it so I’m looking forward to a night back in my own bed (after two weeks in a travelodge and a month+ at home with family).

ANYWAY, what’s more exciting is that I appear to have gained another hat to wear (as well as games developer) that of wargames writer. Late last week, Radio DishDash put up a new free scenario on the Skirmish Sangin blog featuring a night attack by the Black Watch during Operation Panther’s Claw.┬áThe reason I mention this, other than drawing attention to the excellent blog fillled with great articles, is that I actually wrote the scenario! I posted an untested draft version on the Skirmish Sangin forums which reccived some positive feedback. About an hour later, Colin of Radio Dishdash had sent me a mail about packaging up and releasing the scenario to the general public as one of the official scenarios.

We had to do some quick testing and ended up tweaking the off map support rules to make it a little more reliable (while not a complete game winner) but its ended up being a nice hard fight. The night rules provide a nice twist and the support weapons distributed to both sides make it an interesting fight to play through.

You can download the rules HERE and read an AAR report HERE

So what’s coming next? I’ve all ready submitted my next scenario and there is a google drive full of scenarios to finish off. There is also probably going to be some more rules stuff coming soon…watch this space!

In terms of other stuff, I now have a fair bit of time to sit back and get painting again. And with Spectre’s Salute releases and the Day of The Rangers kickstarter coming soon, there should be lots of cool models to show off.