Taking Stock

I’ve finally got round to updating my collection page

First of all, how the heck did I get so many figures? A common cry from war gamers everywhere.

Second of all, I’ve been thinking about possible future purchases. One of the main thing I’ve been wanting to do is collect at least a squad for most nations available in 28mm so that any number of squads and fireteams can be run through their paces. With several different Brits, US Army, Russians, Africans and more already in place, there are a few more notable nations (Germans, French, Canadians, NZ, Australians and US Marines) that are available/coming soon, I still want to pick up. And of course, whatever new comes out might be joining as well

I have mentioned needing some more terrain already but this is both scenery and gameplay. A lot of missions that I want to play or that I’m writing will include civilians. Its a sad fact of modern warfare that most of it takes place in and amongst the local population. I currently have 5 civilian models (a TV crew and two randoms I got as a present) but they are not quite what is needed for the streets of Kabul. Eureka have two packs, one for rural Afghanistan and the other more suited to urban areas. I’ll be looking into picking both packs up at some point.

Apart from that, what else? I’m tempted to get into Napoleonics with a few friends but 28mm WW2 seems to be a useful set to own (perfect for Bolt Action and Chain of Command). But honestly, who knows what else is coming!