On The Work Bench 09/05/2016

Not much progress as last week was a bit mental but I did manage to paint up two of the US Army figures which will form the EOD team. The guy in the bombsuit is great but I was more interested in getting the test models painted in UCP. My previous attempt on some of the SF guys was done using the wrong method but sponging correctly it now looks pretty good.


So this week will still be focused on the rest of US guys but I will also be painting up the standing version of the Navy Seal Sniper as a US Army Special Forces soldier “lending a hand” to his buddies.

However, there may be some other news coming this week seeing as I got a postage notification for a parcel from a Kickstarter. You can almost hear the sound of helicopters on the breeze…


  • Empress US Army – EOD Team

To be Painted

  • Empress US Army – Squad Leader
  • Empress US Army – Fireteam 1
  • Empress US Army – Fireteam 2
  • Empress US Army – Special Forces Sniper on the move