On The Work Bench 26/05/2016

Still chunking through the US Army guys. They are all now base coloured but I still need to work on the detailing/camo. Been busy and haven’t got round to it yet.

However, some more stuff has turned up. My Day of the Rangers kickstarter arrived (after a minor snafu with it being sent to my old work address). Two groups of Somalis, three sets of rangers (enough for a squad, attached medic and FAC) and two sets of Delta – a fair amount to paint up but can be pretty easily combined with some of my other sets (such as the Spectre milita for bigger games in Somalia or Rangers against Taliban forces for early Operation Enduring Freedom) for a wide selection of games.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with them. The models are all hard-wearing, barrels bent but didn’t break in transit (always a better option). My main issue is posing – a few of the poses seem a little strange – quite stiff for a mid move position. The militia figures look very skinny (as you might expect) so could be a little strange if situated next to more stocky characters such as TAG’s. I also did some tidying up of some models, mainly duplicates, which I have sold off to people. Still got some more left and I’m looking carefully at what I still have in the box.

Spectre did do some more releases and a few of them did find their way into my cart. The Russians will now have some extra firepower and some criminals may soon be on the battlefield.