On The Work Bench 27/06/2016

So I've got a few more things sat waiting to be painted and some stuff I have finished painting. Finished painting: First up, Empress's new SAS are now playable. Most finished, just need some sandy drybrushing and basing materials. I also need to finish off the team's marksman. They did a good job in their … Continue reading On The Work Bench 27/06/2016

Battle Report: Skirmish Sangin: 21/06/2016

Skirmish Sangin is all about the narrative and so I want to try writing some narrative reports for it. This is from a game I played at SESWC using the trusty Route Clearance scenario, although replacing the SEALs with SAS troopers thanks to Empress's new releases. EDIT: Pictures at the bottom of the article. Night, and the lights … Continue reading Battle Report: Skirmish Sangin: 21/06/2016

British Recce WMIK – Pre-Painting

Finally got round to assembling the other landrover that came in the box with the Snatch thats been sat fully built and basecoated since I was in Brighton. I had already built most the frame but put a hold in order to wait for crew to fit them in properly. Empress, makers of the rest … Continue reading British Recce WMIK – Pre-Painting