British Recce WMIK – Pre-Painting

Finally got round to assembling the other landrover that came in the box with the Snatch thats been sat fully built and basecoated since I was in Brighton. I had already built most the frame but put a hold in order to wait for crew to fit them in properly. Empress, makers of the rest of my Brits, released a set of crew just as I started to look to move jobs so that got put on the back burner.

So after a lazy day doing nothing, I got my poly cement and clippers out and finally finished it off. With this WMIK I decided to have it as the Recce vehicle, high speed low drag. To this end, I trimmed the doors down and removed the driver armour (roll cage and top plate) to reduce weight. I did leave the rear armour on as a nod to the face most rulesets still give WMIKs an armour value.


As you can see, I still need to build the crew – the picture shows them with berets but I’ve changed my mind and will instead be giving them scrim helmets. In order to cover┬áthe gap around the neck, I’ll also be green stuffing shemaghs to give them the true raggedy recon look. I’m also going to assemble them and paint separately. Then I get to work on the rest of the motorpool.