On The Work Bench 27/06/2016

So I’ve got a few more things sat waiting to be painted and some stuff I have finished painting.

Finished painting:

First up, Empress’s new SAS are now playable. Most finished, just need some sandy drybrushing and basing materials. I also need to finish off the team’s marksman. They did a good job in their first outting and were great fun to paint. I was planning on painting their trousers in DPM but finishing them at 1am as I was playing the following day dissuaded me of this.


As you can see, I also got some civilians from Eureka (sold in the UK by Fightin 15s). I realised that a lot of Skirmish Sangin scenarios need civilians and that they add a new aspect to the game. In addition, they also help to make the board a lot more interesting to look at. I picked up both packs a few weeks ago but only got round to painting the first few. Their lack of gear makes them easy to paint – a few decent colours and a wash, suddenly new tactical problems on the board. Three are ready, with another 16 to go.

To be painted next:

After playing some more Skirmish Sangin, I decided to add some reinforcements to the Taliban guys. I’ve picked up a load of the Eureka guys which will bring the Taliban up to a platoon sized force, equal to the Brits and perfect for filling the board. Expect more pictures soon as I’ll be painting them alongside the civilians due to the similar colour schemes

In addition, the additional heads for the Russians turned up and so now I have a stack of line infantry and Spetsnaz ready to paint. Still haven’t decided how to paint them: it will either be the Russian green camo (seen in an Eastern European country near you) or in the SURPAT I’ve used more recently. The Spetsnaz will be wearing gorka suits so it will be a nice selection of camo and tan. Hopefully, I’ll get them done at some point in July.