Wargaming News

August has been a pretty quiet month for me – I spent most of it on holiday (either in Edinburgh or down in Leeds) or hard at work.

Some of the last few Taliban figures next to actual garbage
Some of the last few Taliban figures next to actual garbage

However, I did manage to get some more models painted up. Apart from some new weapon teams and their crews, all of my Afghan OPFOR are ready to go with a tidy 34 figures ready for larger engagements such as Fighting Season or Platoon+.  I have ordered some support weapons to give them some more punch, again from the excellent range at Eureka.

I’ve also made a start on my USMC with a test figure. The scheme is simpleish so I should be able to chew through them at a decent pace. By the time I’ve finished I’ll have a full squad + support weapons and teams ready for war. And them I just have to finish all those Russians.

On the Skirmish Sangin front, I’m running another game next week. Thanks to the guys at SEESWC, I’m managing to run a Skirmish Sangin game once every 4-5 weeks which is fantastic. We’re running through a loose campaign with me taking the events of the previous scenario and bringing it forward. Last game saw ISAF take out a chunk of the local insurgency’s forces but the main leader managed to escape. The next scenario will be the ANP and ISAF advisers sweeping an area, looking for where the leader has gone to ground. This should give a chance for the insurgent player to go into his box of tricks. Although I do need to paint my ANP figures first…

Preview of the ANP, hot off the painting desk
Preview of Eureka ANP, hot off the painting desk

I’ve also been told that another of my scenarios will be taken and polished up ready for a release as a free download. Its a fun scenario that I enjoyed writing and planning out so I’m looking forward to seeing the response to it.

I haven’t posted about this but one of my scenarios was actually in the latest Skirmish Sangin book, Afrika! I was excited to hear that Colin wanted to include it and its also my first published piece of work! My copy is in the post so I’m looking forward to having it in my hands.

More updates soon when I finish painting everything!


The completed ANP force ready to go