Lead Mountain II – The Bad Guys Strike Back!

If you have been following my blog, last year you would have seen The Lead Mountain – an attempt to paint all my figures. Well it went as well as you would expect the average wargamer’s attempt to paint up everything would go. I also drove myself mad and posted up repeated posts going “I didn’t paint anything :(”

So this year I’m doing something different. I’m setting a much more manageable goal – themed posts with a smaller subset of figures to paint. Think of this as a nice winter feature where you get to see more painted miniatures than usual. Lead Mountain 2 will run from now (middle of November) until the end of February 2017. I’m aiming for at least a post a week, with a group of figures (fully painted and based) in each one.

The Pile

As you might have guessed from the title, I’m going to be painting up my literal pile of OPFOR that I’ve collected. The models are a mixture – mostly Empress and Spectre ranges (Insurgents, militia and criminal element) but there is also a few remaining Eureka weapon teams and the models I reccived from the Day of the Rangers kickstarter to represent the Somalis. So a nice mix and not too much camo to paint. I can’t see the pile growing but the potential could be the SPG/rocket launchers from Eureka or whatever Spectre have been cooking up….

I’m looking forward to it!

Plan for next week – paint up MENA civilians, start  on boiler suit wearing robbers