Lead Mountain II – Emergency Reinforcements

So my plan of working on the boiler suited criminals got tweaked last week after I arranged to run another Spectre Operations game. So rather than painting a load of redish brown boiler suits, I was instead rushing to get a few more insurgents painted up.


The bulk of the figures are Empress Insurgents, painted up to look more trained militant than local with gun. I again used a similar colour scheme with some variation to tie them together visually (as well as speed up the process). I also painted up the Taliban HMG from Eureka (and then managed to bend the barrel), an Insurgent from Spectre to act as a squad leader in Spectre and then five of the weapon caches to be used as objective markers.

Having just played a Spectre game before writing this, I’ve decided I need to get some more bad guys painted up and ready for Bazistan. So I’ll be finishing off the Empress Insurgents before working on the Spectre range.