Lead Mountain II – Christmas Work

Over my Christmas break I intended to get some stuff painted. However, I ended up doing a lot of other stuff (like going on walks with family and a day of KillTeam in York) so I didn’t get a huge amount done. I did manage to paint the bases on a large number of the insurgents I had been working my way through.

Just this week I did the finishing touches on the rest of the figures I had partially painted. As with all the Spectre figures they are great fun to paint. As with my last set of insurgents, I’ve kept using the red colouring (in bandanas, t-shirts and scarfs) to theme them when deployed together on the tabletop.

The next step will be to carry on painting up the insurgents I have left. This means I can more easily deploy large numbers of them which are required when going up against the more well trained and equipped forces.