Operation Dragon’s Hoard: Part 2 – Further Planning and Physical Things

So since last time, I've done a few things to get ready for building the demo board I have planned out. Emails have been sent out to get the ball rolling on actually booking space to run the game at two shows. It might be a little early for some but better early than late. Continued … Continue reading Operation Dragon’s Hoard: Part 2 – Further Planning and Physical Things

Lead Mountain II – The Garage Is Open!

  Well this week has been productive. Mostly this is down to finishing stuff that has been sat half painted for the a while. On the vehicle side, the Brits have gained the Challenger 2 and the Warrior. Three technicals (including two .50cals) and a single SUV are now ready to go. I also managed … Continue reading Lead Mountain II – The Garage Is Open!

Battle Report: Skirmish Sangin 09/02/2017

Scenario 12 of the Bazistan Crisis - An RAF F35 Lightning II enforcing the no-fly zone has suffered an engine failure and has crashed somewhere in the rebel held zone. Unable to deploy conventional CSAR assets, British command has ordered an SAS team already in country to find and extract the downed pilot. Upon arriving in … Continue reading Battle Report: Skirmish Sangin 09/02/2017

Wargames Show: Vapnartak

I haven't been going to wargames show very long but Vapnartak will always the start of it. Normally this is due to going to see my wargaming buddies in York but this year my buddies were busy. Vapa is huge, taking place in the stands at York Racecourse. Spread over three floors, it features a … Continue reading Wargames Show: Vapnartak

Spectre Technical Review

As if summoned by my last post about them , my Spectre technical order turned up.  I know some people in the Kickstarter have been waiting a long time for these but don't worry, I think they were worth the wait. I'm going to do a quick overview of them and the weapon systems I've picked … Continue reading Spectre Technical Review

Technical Notes: A Primer

Intro With the recent release of Spectre's comprehensive range of Technicals and weapon systems, it's never been a better time to be a militia warlord on the tabletop. This primer is designed to fill you in on these increasingly common vehicles and their role on the tabletop. I'll cover some tactics for using them, some … Continue reading Technical Notes: A Primer