Wargaming Week 27/03/2017

Let's start, covering the 20th of March through to the 26th of March Blog Posts Nothing much - this week has been busy (going to visit family among other things) so most of my writing time has been concentrated on my wargames rules writing. Still cranking through some more rules to be used in this … Continue reading Wargaming Week 27/03/2017

Wargaming Week 20/03/2017

Lets start, covering the 13th of March through to the 19th of March Blog Posts Two posts this week! The first was a report on my first solo game of Skirmish Sangin. It was a pretty good game and lead to some action packed situations - the rebel rolling a frag grenade under the escape vehicle was … Continue reading Wargaming Week 20/03/2017

Comparing MDF Adobe Buildings

It's not long after most people start wargaming that they start looking at the surface they are fighting over and think bigger. For those of us not wanting to scratch build, the rise of laser cutters and cheap MDF has lead to an explosion of manufacturers making some high quality buildings. This makes it very … Continue reading Comparing MDF Adobe Buildings

Weekend Warfare 1 – CGS S01E01

As a way of playing more wargames and testing out out a few rules I've been writing, I'm instituting a weekend wargaming session. Ideally it won't always be solo but that's how the first one ended up occurring. Expect to see some weird and wonderful rules, as well as the vast expanses of unpainted MDF as … Continue reading Weekend Warfare 1 – CGS S01E01

Wargaming Week 13/03/17

Lets start, covering the 6th of March through to the 12th of March Blog Posts No posts this week. As an aside, the wargames comparison article is still doing really well. This week a Czech site linked to it. Always interesting to see where in the world it gets picked up. Gaming I really want to play … Continue reading Wargaming Week 13/03/17

Wargaming Week 06/03/17

New idea I want to try -  a weekly update covering what I've been up to for the previous 7 days. It will ever contain short summaries o So lets start, covering the 27th of Feb through to the 5th of March Blog Posts The only other posts this week was an update to my Technical … Continue reading Wargaming Week 06/03/17

Technicals – Heavy Ammunition

As mentioned in my previous post on the Spectre technicals, I hadn't picked up all the weapons. As part of my cartel order, I put on two more weapons ready to give the bad guys something else to handle my Challenger 2 or other armoured vehicles. The common thing between these two is the base. … Continue reading Technicals – Heavy Ammunition