Wargaming Week 13/03/17

Lets start, covering the 6th of March through to the 12th of March

Blog Posts

No posts this week. As an aside, the wargames comparison article is still doing really well. This week a Czech site linked to it. Always interesting to see where in the world it gets picked up.


I really want to play more Skirmish Sangin (for multiple reasons) but I’m struggling to find the time between work and not wanting to force someone to play the same game every week at the club (I don’t want to be THAT guy).

Seeing as i’m building a board and buying terrain, I might as well put it to use. SOOOOO, what this means is we are going to have Weekend Warfare where I will be jumping in and playing something solo (or with players once I persuade them to), primarily to remind myself how the game actually works. It will be fought over mostly unfinished mdf (at least to begin with) and it may look like it’s a mess but damn it, I need to roll more dice.


So this is a fun one. I’ve unfortunately had three packages go missing somewhere in the postal system. Two are basing stuff and not massively expensive but the last one is a decent sized order from Sarissa. Most of it is to fill the board for the demo but also a few extra things for fun. As much as this is a pain, I just hope it turns up this week.

I also grabbed some buildings from banksjohnedward on ebay this week after someone on the Spectre group linked to them. They are really cheap (£9 for 3) and are pretty basic but it’s a case of you get what you pay for. I had a little issue with one but the chap behind the buildings is fantastic to work with and is sending a replacement. If you want to fill a board for cheap, these are a pretty good way to go and I am interested in the rest of his range.


I played a lot of Ghost Recon Wildlands. I don’t think it’s a great game but I’m having some fun roaming around the world. If anyone asks, it’s research for board design.


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