Wargaming Week 24/04/2017

Let’s start, covering the 17th of April through to the 23rd of April.


Two posts this week:

The first was a battle report of Thursday’s game at the club. Spectre ops, tanks and technicals. A few more thoughts below.

The second was my recap of the Salute weekend. It’s tired me out like you wouldn’t believe but I had an excellent time.


Using Spectre on Thursday, there was some fast paced action from the tanks, smashing its way through the rebels. I feel we were pushing the spectre rules to their limits but after talking to the guys on Friday, I can see it was more designed for a few technicals or an SUV rather than a horde of armour. Possibly cool rules coming up?


For most of them, see my Salute post.

However, I have also received a few other things. A friend of mine from the club has passed over his moderns collection. It comprises of a load of Mongrel Miniatures Russians, a few toy AFVs and a few toy cars. Completely unexpected, but I have ways to use them. Really don’t want to repaint them but they are on penny bases and it just feels wrong.

I also, after meeting the team behind it at Salute, picked up the rules for Tribal as something to have a read through and enjoy. You never know what you can learn from a ruleset.

To end though, I think I’m going to dial back my purchases until Claymore in August. I want to bring my painted percentage up and be a little pickier about what I buy. There are one or two upcoming items that might get past the screen (British AFV crew ready for Boar Fighter for example) but mostly it will be months of painting and terrain building and board preparation.


The big thing this week was a rush to get some more technicals and stuff ready for Thursday’s game. Very happy with them (even if they were speed painted) and glad they are ready to play with. The only bit of technical stuff left is the two AA guns and the last .50cal gunner. I also managed to paint up the sheikh thanks to the tactic of douse in paint and wash.

As always, still working on simple jobs at work. Started painting the base layer of the desert marpat on all my marines.

Salute 2017 (and other things in London)

In case you missed the barrage of references to it on this blog, Facebook, Twitter etc, I spent this weekend down in old London Town to attend Salute, the UK’s biggest wargames show. I first attended when I was still in Brighton (back in 2015) and so it was a day trip (assuming the trains were working). However, I was prevented from going in 2016 as the show was on the same weekend I moved into my flat in Edinburgh. On the plus side this did massively reduce my purchases but I missed out on all the fun times meeting other wargamers.

This meant that this year I was desperate to go. Although I rarely play demo or participation games, going to gaming shows give you a big chunk of energy to get yourself back in the fun and ready for more painting/gaming.

But before the show, I grabbed a beer or two at the Fox right next to the excel centre with some of the guys from the Spectre Operations group on Facebook. It was great to meet a group of people so enthusiastic about the game. I had a good few chats, including some cool things people are working on. I also ended up talking with Viv from Knights of Dice (a great guy to chat to), Dougie of Dougie’s Wargaming Blog fame (something I’d been reading for a while before I even started collecting myself) and a group from Mana Press who were up from Down Under to demo Tribal. One common theme of all weekend – everyone I talked to was just super nice and a pleasure to chat to. Ended up discussing some cool things and really excited about what’s coming up in the wargames world.

A quick stagger back from the pub, a night of sleep and I was all good for the following day.

The Show

If you’ve never been to Salute it’s certainly an experience. A whole hall of the Excel centre is filled with stalls and tables, each one offering something new to look at or a possible money sink waiting to happen.

Where all the money went

After going to pick up my purchases (more on them later), I got to take a stroll around the place and look at all the various stuff for sale or on show. I’ve got some pictures below showing the stuff that caught my eye.

XCOM 2 inspired board. Not sure what they were playing but it was exciting to watch nonetheless.

A bit of a closer look, showing off some of the converted figures used.

Dalauppror’s excellent looking Fort Mosquito game to demo Pikeman’s Lament. You can find more details on his blog but it was a lovely looking setup.

Always a fan of a Normandy game that includes Hobart’s Funnies

More WW2, but this time in the Philippines. Eye was drawn by the coastal guns in the foreground, stayed for the cavalry fighting the japanese.

More WW2, but this time a smaller scale.

I literally stopped mid stride to look at this. There was samurai skirmish game on the other table but that winter scene was amazing! Almost too good to play on.

Ironfist Publishing’s Battlegroup Tobruk game. Always seemed to be busy when I walked past.

Even more WW2, Japanese fighting Chinese with a manor house in background.

Another case where I had no idea what they were playing but that’s Jurassic Park. As always, any game with dinosaurs gets bonus points!

The demo game being run by the Mana Press was a really interesting setup. As the demo team was coming over from down under, they cleverly combined both their games (Tribal and Maximillion) into one standard board, separated by a ridge in the centre. Both games looked great.

As always, 7TV provide the craziest games. This board had a giant ape roaming through London.

Not my usual type of game but I thought I would grab a shot of the Essex Warriors’s ‘Battle of Prague’.

Not the usual VBCW game but anything with motor boats has to be fun.

Overall impression, Salute is as great as I remember it being. With a huge number of games and sellers, it’s a feast for the eyes. There are plenty

The Goodies

So what did I pick up? Well this can be split in two – what everyone got for free and what I picked up myself.

The free stuff mostly came out of the Salute goody bag

  • Salute Figure – female revolutionary with banner held aloft. Not sure how I’m going to use here, I might end up passing her off to someone else in the club
  • Wild West Exodus “Legendary Captain Nimue” – Female adventurer for a Wierd West game. Interesting idea for a game and a free multipart plastic kit is nothing to be too upset by.
  • I also got a free bit of resin wall from Empress in my pre-order. It really nice stuff – something to keep around for when I’m taking photos.

Now for the good stuff

  • Spectre
    • Salute exclusive – one Task Force operator with pistol out while carrying an injured colleague. Not a figure for frequent use, but a great start for a scenario. ‘Leave No Man Behind’
    • Razor Buggy – I will admit, when I first turned up I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to get this kit. However, after a walk round the block and I ended up coming back for it, luckily grabbing the last one on the day. Having got it home, I can vaguely work out the way it’s assembled but I’m going to wait for instructions that are coming soon.
    • Ammo Boxes – Spectre is knocking it out the park with the incidental terrain. The ammo boxes (looking very pelican case esque) will be right at home in some faction camp.
  • Empress
    • Styker ICV Deal – The next project for me is going to be a US Stryker Platoon. To get this start, enough figures for a second squad with a vehicle was a great start
    • Stryker MGS – Unwanted in real life, in game terms the MGS is the firepower of tank with the mobility of the rest of the platoon and none of the drawbacks (we don’t model air conditioning in most of our games)
    • US Special and Support weapons – Partially to take the US Army project forwards but also as some extra firepower for the squad I currently have. AT4s and Javelin’s provide the explosive punch while the M240, sniper team and DMR give the anti-personal bonus
    • British GPMGs – A new release, my British platoon will be very happy with two new weapon teams to lay the firepower down.
    • British DMRs and AT weapons – Two DMRs to add to the line platoons, a man with two LAWs and an ASM (anti-structural munition)  to augment the team depending on the situation.
  • Crooked Dice
    • Lawmen with SMGs – My security guards need some backup with automatic weapons. Also more difficulties for agents trying to sneak past them
  • TTCombat
    • Bank Accessories 1+2 – More accessories for terrain. Blocks of gold will be a focal point for my solo game.


As many people are primarily interested in the wargaming side, I’ll put my conclusion here. Salute is well worth going. Even if you didn’t buy anything, the chance to have a face to face chat with other wargamers and see all the cool stuff they do. Add the buying, and you can very easily find yourself with your whole hobby year planned out.

As for next year I’m in two minds. I will definitely be going back but the real test is if I’m going to take my demo game there. There is something just a bit terrifying about how many people will be there but it would definitely be an awesome thing to do.

The Tourism

After looking around the show, I decided to go take a trip through London and hit two of the tourist sites.

First up was the Army Museum over in Chelsea. Having just been reopened recently, it was somewhere I had to see. Spread over 3 floors, it’s a place that is packed full of information and exhibits covering everything from the English Civil War up to the modern-day. Well worth a trip to, especially combined with the Imperial War Museum.

After brief stop for lunch, I then headed up to the British Museum. I barely remember my last visit there and only managed to have a short one. Skipping over the packed Egyptian galleries, I instead headed to the back of the museum and looked through the galleries covering Oceania and the Americas. Both of these are places I know little about but would be interested in learning more.

With that, the last stop was back to the train station and then a long journey home. I find the more I visit London, the less it irritates me. I don’t think I could live there but as a tourist and someone who enjoys walking to explore, it’s the perfect place.

Battle Report: Spectre Operations 20/04/2017

Thursday’s battle at the club took us back to Spectre Operations and once more deployed to Bazistan. Wanting to get more horde of technicals on the table, what better opponent than heavy metal itself, the Challenger 2.

2 days after NATO intervention in Bazistan.

US and British forces are currently pushing towards Bazi city, engaging both the rebel militias and elements of the Bazistan army and police who have changed allegiances.

As part of this advance, a British Challenger 2 named “Boar Fighter” has encountered mechanical issues and was separated from the main advance. A group of engineers (escorted by a US Army squad in Humvees) have managed to repair the tank and as a group are now advancing to catch up with the main force. Luckily, the Panther belonging to the engineers has managed to get some CAS in support.

Between the main force and the breakaway party is the village of Al-Kahal. Al-Kahal sits at the high points between two valleys, forcing vehicles along the road through it. Although Al-Kahal was cleared by US Army forces earlier in the day, the local militia has returned in their technicals and has additionally been reinforced by elements of the National Police of Bazistan. Having spotted the small convoy moving towards them, the fighters prepared to ambush the tank and destroy it.

As the convoy rumbles towards the town, the only sign of something amiss is the lack of locals outside.

BLUFOR comprised of the tank, a fireteam of Brits in a Panther CLV and a squad of US Army Infantry spread across two up-armored Humvees. Against them, OPFOR had a mighty 5 technicals (including a heavy recoiless rifle and a TOW missile system), a squad of Eritrean mercs, a squad of National Police of Bazistan, a mob of militia and a team of tank hunters.
As the game began, BLUFOR rolled slowly onto the board while the militia held their fire, waiting for the tank to get closer. Eventually, the M40 totting technical decided to take out the second vehicle in the convoy (the Panther) with a quick pot shot. However, the round sailed past, doing nothing more than alerting the Brits that they were under attack. As the tank started to rush the town, the rest of the OPFOR started to open up, doing nothing more than suppressing the crew in the tank.

However, in the next turn the tank recovered, rolled forward and rotated it’s gun towards the unfortunate technical that fired the first shot. The rest of the convoy moved up as well. The Panther got into position to deploy it’s troops.

Shooting began with the Challenger 2 hammering a HESH round into the technical and achieving a mobility kill, making all but one crewman into a casualty. The two Humvees then joined in, raining .50cal rounds into the pickup and causing it to finally explode. In response, the militia opened up with a second round of “fire everything” which did nothing more than add more suppression.

BLUFOR decided to turn off the road and head through the back streets, the Humvees keeping close behind the tank. The Challenger rumbled down the road, halting with its gun barrel poking round the corner. This obviously scared the pants off the driver and he started backing up.

Close by however, the Eritreans prepared to take out the more vulnerable Humvees with a hail of fire. Across the road, the fireteam of tank hunters also crept forward trying to get in a good position to knock out the rear of the convoy.

However, the Brits were too quick and spotted the attackers entering the wadi. Pouring on the fire, both the RPG gunners went down dead. In the side street, the American gunner spotted movement and hammered .50cal rounds into the gap. The four shots downed the RPG gunner and suppressesed the next threat. The Eritreans responded with a volley of shots that suppressesed the humvee but caused no damage.

The movement of the tank hunters also opened up a gap for the TOW to put a shot in. With a *foosh* the missile flew across the fields and slammed into the ground just next to the lead humvee (it hit and caused some mobility damage). The lead vehicle was now going to slow the convoy down.

Their job done, the Brits remounted and sped past the Humvees. The tank continued to rumble round the corner, it’s prey once again frantically reversing. However, it was all for naught.

Seeing the demise of their technicals, the National Police started moving, keeping it’s RPG gunners in position to tank hunters while the rest moved out of sight. The rest of the force started to prepare defenses against BLUFOR trying to ram through the wall and then run off the board

In a calculated move, the Challenger 2 started to accelerate towards the wall. Behind it, the Panther got into position and hammered the flank of the pinned Eritreans, keeping them of action. The Humvees limped forward. Bigger news was what the Challenger 2 did next. Knowing about the TOW that would be shooting at it once it cleared the wall, it set off its smoke launchers. The smoke dropped all around, with one grenade landing on the police unit causing a casualty while another hit the militia and caused two more men to go down. The Challenger was also overwatched by one of the police but it shrugged off the round and them wiped out the shooter with the co-ax.

At this point, most of the militia was combat ineffective through suppression or location. However the Challenger rumbled on, smashing into the wall and breaching it. The AT gunners sat on overwatch all fired but the rounds just bounced off the Chobam armour. The rest of the convoy followed up the tank and headed for the breach.

Time was rapidly running out but the BLUFOR player has one last task. Swinging the turret, the Challenger lined up its 120mm gun on the fake tank and blew it sky high.

By now the bar staff were slowly turn the lights off and so we called it. BLUFOR has managed to push through the village with only minimal damage. However, with another turn one of the .50cal technicals might have caught the Humvees in the rear and caused some damage. But that’s just mights and the BLUFOR had managed to break through. Looks like the militia commander will be in trouble with the Shiekh

Overall, it was a rather fun time. I think Spectre’s rules are great and the vehicle stuff work best at the lighter end of the spectrum of vehicles. The combination of “to hit” and “to penetrate” speeds up the game but can lead to some bizarre situations. The tank hunter rule changes help  it the fact lethality plays no part seems incorrect.

More the fault of us, we completely forgot about the off map options we had. BLUFOR were hampered by their ROE but i should have been dropping mortar fire like it was going out of fashion.

On the other hand, we threw a large number of figures and vehicles at the board and both teams has fun – that’s what matters at the end of the day. I was also really happy with how the technicals look on the table – there were quite a few positive comments made about them (including my favourite the “fake tank”).

Not sure the next time we will be playing Spectre, but I’m looking forward to it!

Wargaming Week 17/04/2017

Let’s start, covering the 10th of April through to the 16th of April.


No blog posts this week – writing more rules and been busy looking at my collection and working stuff out (more details on that later)


Also no gaming – starting planning for CGS S01E03 and getting the figures in place for it. Also doing more planning on the demo board and it’s setup. I’m also planning some gaming for Thursday – thinking some Spectre with a load of figures and vehicles on the table.


So this week I decided to sit down and do an audit of my models. The full details are available over on my collection page but here are some short asides

  • Total infantry models: 629
  • Percentage painted: 54%
  • Total vehicles: 22
  • Percentage painted: 41%

First of all, I have no idea how I have so many figures. I use a fair percentage of them but I will probably be doing some pruning and refocusing at some-point in the future.

It was also a little distressing to see figures from the Spectre kickstarter are still unpainted – definitely a high priority to fix.

Perhaps the biggest thing is that despite all these figures, I can still see a reason for more. I want to bring the US Marines, US Army, US Rangers, Russians and Aussies up to platoon level with a selection of supports (all ready for platoon+). I’d love to add the Chinese as another option (especially with some of their funky kit) and fill out a wider range of supports (both weapons teams and vehicles).


It’s Salute next weekend so nothing for now. However, I have been looking at more upcoming releases and about what else I’m tempted to pick up.

TTCombat have announced two pieces of scenery addition. One is the security pack, including CCTV cameras, terminals and burglar alarms. The other is bank equipment, which includes Gold bars, a bank vault door and bags of swag. I can see a use for both of these and may be tweaking the overall goal of my campaign based on them. After all, what else would people be fighting for than a pile of gold.

I also already have some of Crooked Dice’s excellent lawmen that I use as security guards. Currently, I’m looking into picking up a few guys armed with M16s to give the guards a little more firepower.

After my model audit, I’m going to be moving into a focus on painting for the next few months. However, I think I’d like to expand another faction to platoon level. Still deciding which but the US Army is tempting. Whichever I choose, the plan is to grab a few more packs of infantry and a vehicle or two to support. And then paint them.


Nothing to show yet. Started painting more of my technical weapon teams (ready for an upcoming game) and painted the first layer of desert MARPAT camo for my marines.


As part of further work on my demo board, I finally started building the actual boards. Basic construction is done but I now need to apply a metric ton of filler and then start painting.

Wargaming Week 10/04/2017

Let’s start, covering the 3rd of April through to the 9th of April.


After a short delay due to wrestling shenanigans, the battle report on my last solo game is now up. As I say in the report it was a fun time and I’m looking forward to polishing up the rules I was testing. I’m also starting to plan the next game – working out the best way to get both teams in the same game while also trying out some new rules along the way. After all, the whole neighbourhood is after them.


No gaming, just planning and rules writing. Really excited with how the project I’m writing is going – lots of cool stuff coming soon!


No actual purchases this week but more companies are opening up their pre-orders for salute. This week included one of my favourite purveyors of lead, Empress. They seem to be releasing everything this Salute but of keen interest for me is the expansion to the Modern Brits range. This was the first major army I collected but I still found it a little lacking when trying to build a more modern platoon. The major issue was a lack of DMR models, leading to repetition or (in my case) a lack of models. However, Empress are coming back with style. Two new DMR figures, two rocket launching figures (one with LAWs, one with a Matador) and two GPMG teams in different poses. These guys add to the expanding fire support section while the DMRs will sub out two figures in the standard squads. Having had a chat with Paul before, I’m really excited with what comes next.

I’m also looking at purchasing a vehicle for the Bazistan Army from Empress. The BTR 80A should be a good force multiplier, equally at home with the Bazi Army, the Paramilitary Forces or in the hands of the Rebels. Luckily the new British gear should help out.

A little something for the weekend… #spectreminiatures #spectreoperations #tabletopgaming #wargaming

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In terms of other companies, Spectre are keeping quiet on their upcoming except for the new SOF Polaris. I think it looks neat and I will probably be getting some in the near future but my main concerns for Salute is going to pick up their exclusive models and chat to all the other Spectre players at the meetup.

Only two weeks to go!


Week off painting, back to it this coming week. Main focus is getting the rest of my civilian vehicles painted up and on the board then it will be finishing off the insurgents. More importantly, I’m looking down what I need for when I build my boards into actual terrain as that’s what I’ll be doing this upcoming weekend.

Weekend Warfare 2 – CGS S01E02

Part two of my attempt to play more wargames returns us to Skirmish Sangin, with a few new house rules this time. While the last mission was all out action against an inferior foe, this one sees a small team attempting to recon a warehouse currently being used as a base for a shifty corporation and their mercenaries. What could they be up to? It’s time for CGS’s Team 2 to deploy.


CGS S01E02 – 1 Hour Earlier

1 hour before CGS Team 1 go into action in Bazi City, the camera zooms in to a warehouse complex on the outskirts of town. Zooming out to the front gate, it pans over old and worn adobe building before directing towards four dirt lumps huddled on the roof. There is a pause and then a shuffle as weapons are drawn and placed into position.

Team 2’s mission was to infiltrate this warehouse facility (codenamed Site Bravo) and perform two tasks:

  1. Hit the comms tower and grab a data dump that will contain information on transfers around the site
  2. Investigate the interior of the warehouse, in particular a shipping container from the last shipment to arrive at the warehouse

Team 2 was comprised of four soldiers split into 2 elements:

  1. Sniper team with Tinkler (Sniper Rifle) and Richards (DMR)
  2. Assault Team with Ward (M4 w/ UGL and Suppressed Pistol) and Harrison (M4 and Suppressed Pistol)

Arrayed against them?  The initial Intel put a set of 4 security guards (Smith, Wright, Brown and Creighton) patrolling round the site or in static positions. On site observation in the days before the raid showed an 8 man from Argo’s Direct Action team – armed with assault rifles, SMGs and a light machine gun. Four operators began off site in an SUV (Dvořák, Pownall, Baum and Leusink), two were sleeping in the building next to the portaloo (Chichigov and Séguin) while the other two were guarding the warehouse (Montanez and Šnajdr).

Due to the imminent start of the operation in Bazi City, it was decided to bring the action part of the operation forward. With the SUV away from the site, Ward and Harrison chose this opportunity to sneak inside and begin the intel gathering.

Turn 1

To begin with Tinkler and Richards stayed quiet, using their shooting position to spot the various guards that were in the line of site. Wright and Brown continue on their patrol paths while Smith stayed inside the front gate shelter, looking back into the facility. This distraction gave Ward and Harrison plenty of time to sprint towards the dense on the south side of the facilty, moving past the jersey barriers via the gap. They then paused to climb the fence.

Inside the warhouse, the two mercs eventually stopped their conversation and returned to guard duty. Worse, the two sleeping mercs woke up and move outside to get some fresh air. Luckily, Richards and Tinkler were able to pass on their locations allowing the assault team to pick the right moment to climb the fence and then sneak past the front security gate. Unfortunately, just as they were about to clear the guard hut, Smith finally stopped staring off into the distance, turned, noticed a man (Harrison) wearing a bush walking past and started reaching for his radio.

Before he could thumb the radio, it was time for Ward to activate. Walking forward, he pumped two suppressed pistol rounds through the open window dropping Smith to the ground, heavily wounded and unconscious. Brushing this off, the assault team crept in. Creighton, having swapped roles with Brown, walked out of the site office and strolled right past the front gate. Obviously thinking too much about the warm chair he just left, Creighton managed to miss both the pair of bushes and the strangely quiet gate post.

Turn 2

This lack of awareness would be his downfall. As the second turn started, Harrison activated and crept up behind Creighton. Rolling well, Harrison dropped the guard to the floor by causing 13 points of damage, an instant kill. Bounding past, Ward rushed to the the main hub building to get to the data tower and begin the download. Working his way through the building he reached the roof, placed the hacking device and started the transfer. Harrison moved into position on the floor below, ready to provide cover or escape should it be required.

It was at this point that an SUV started pulling up to the entrance of the facility. The four remaining members of the mercenary team had returned.

Tinkler and Richards, sat in overwatch watched the vehicle slowly turn in and halt at the barrier. Realising that the odds were stacked well and truly against them with the arrival of the relief team, and that the objective wasn’t yet complete, Tinkler decided now was the time to go active. Also affecting the decision was the sounds of dismay coming from two of the security guards – they had spotted Creighton’s body in the open and were about to raise the alarm.

Just as Baum stepped from the vehicle (planning to investigate why the barrier hadn’t been raised), a round from Tinkler came flying right past him, hitting the front of the vehicle and smashing through the engine block. The SUV was no longer functional, causing the rest of the mercs to dive out of the vehicle in disarray. Richards then attempted to send a round into Baum but he missed. The rest of the mercs outside the base then moved into their own cover points either by choice or by failing morale tests and retiring.

Inside the compound, the rest of mercs started appearing out of their various hiding places and started moving towards the front gate. Montanez headed up to the first floor of the warehouse to gain an advantage while the others (and the remaining security guards) moved into various pieces of cover to regroup.

This gap in the firefight was advantageous as Ward was quickly able to finish grabbing the download. At this point, CGS had fulfilled one of two objectives. After consulting with the CGS off-site commander (one of my wargaming buddies down in York), they decided not to risk entering the warehouse as they were unsure how many enemy troops were hidden away and the current situation was one they could more easily escape from. As part of this getaway, Harrison rushed down the stairs, vaulted through the window of the front gate’s hut and then hit the deck. Ward, data disc in hand, only made it to the top floor of the office.

Back at the extraction point, Richards was able to spot Pownall and bring an aimed shot to bear. It hit, dropping the unfortunate soldier with a single shot. However, this fire was starting to attract attention. Leuinksi, having pulled himself together managed to spot Tinkler after a few attempts. The rest of the mercs inside the compound started to engage the Assault team. Montanez sprinted up the stairs ready to breach and enter. The rest focused on Harrison, shredding the outer wall of the hut but doing nothing more than causing some morale markers. Chingov, looking for a new angle, moved behind the site office.

Turn 3

Baum and Tinkler have the same body and would activate at the same time so a roll off took place. Tinkler won it and responded by spotting Baum in the open and hammering a shot into him. The sniper round caused more than fatal damage and another merc was down. Success was also on CGS’s side inside the compound as Harrison climbed out the window and barely made a close range shot. It also caused a low amount of damage, doing not much more than putting Brown on the ground for a bit. Ward also caused some damage, spotting Montanez through the door and putting a burst into him. Montanez was in a bad way but still conscious. This shooting had a knock on effect as both Wright and Brown became pinned in place.

The next activation saw lots of things happen very quickly. Tinkler tried to shoot the LMG gunner but fumbled, causing a misfire that would need to be cleared. Spotting the shot, Lesunki popped up out of cover and put a burst of fire down on Tinkler to shut him up. It didn’t cause any damage but it did draw Richard’s attention. After a successful spot, a shot landed and caused a medium wound knocking Lesunki unconcious.

The mercs still in the fight spotted Ward and started putting rounds down. With the luck of the devil, Ward managed to evade all this fire, pass his morale checks and keep running. Both he and Harrison reached the exfil zone and were about to move off board when Dvorak, the Argo team leader, popped up and sent a few aimed shot towards Ward. The shots missed and the CGS team disappeared off into the desert.

Post Game

With all four team members intact and with the data disc in hand, CGS Team 2 had managed to fufil part of their objective. However, they had not investigated the warehouse and so are unaware of what exactly Argo are distributing in the region. Due to the lack of injuries, Team 2 will also be able to assist Team 1 in the next mission, either as heliborne snipers or by dropping into the city.

The rules I was testing was working well, and although there are a few tweaks needed it’s heading in the right direction. The other stand out part of this was playing over the excellent MDF terrain. Sarrissa’s factory is without compare and it’s a shame more of a firefight didn’t happen in there. Its also making me think about using the factory as one element of my demo board. Maybe CGS will be returning to Site Bravo? I also really need to get the boards assembled and the scenery painted – bare MDF is a little boring to look at.

Next game will be delayed a while (the next few weeks are very busy) but when we return it will be time for Team 1 to try and get out of Bazi City with a VIP in tow. Hopefully the arrival of Team 2 should help them out a little bit. On the other hand, there are a lot of cops and militia on their tail.

Team 2 sits in the back of extraction chopper, ghille suits stowed and weapons hung on the racks. The usual post mission feel is interrupted when the helo suddenly changes direction. The loadmaster breaks open the supply boxes and begins handing out ammo and weapons. Ward stands up, turns to his team and asks “You guys ready to pull Davison’s ass from the fire again?”

Wargaming Week 03/04/2017

Let’s start, covering the 27th of March through to the 2nd of April.


No posts ATM. There are two posts inbound  – a battle report from this weekend’s solo game and something looking at the pile of MDF I’ve reccieved.


Two games this week. The club stuck it’s flying goggles and played some Wings of Glory. I took control of the Sopwith Camel and then proceeded to fly round and round in circles trying frantically to not crash into anyone. There is a much longer article about it over at SESWC.

The other bit of gaming was part 2 in my solo campaign. The report will be up in a day or two (it’s been delayed a bit by Wrestling and also having to frantically paint one of the teams). The game was great and the testing was useful. I made it into a semi-solo game by hammering a friend of mine with decisions to work out over text during the game. Expect the report in the next few days


My Spectre purchases arrived this week. As always, they are a fantastic set of models. Some of the Tier 1 have already been painted, the Agents are next in the queue and the cars are base coated and “sand coated”. However, the standout is the two new terrain features. Both come out the box perfectly casted with no cleanup needed. The variation also helps to make them look less like a clone stamp tool situation

Having planned the mission out, I realised that I would want a few smaller buildings to decorate the battlefield, as well as a shipping container for one of the objectives. To remedy this situation, I headed over to TT Combat and picked up a few things. They took most of the week to arrive but shipping was free. As with Sarissa and Knights of Dice, the laser cut MDF is fantastic with lots of detail and very easy to pop out of place. The Security Barriers and Site Office are great minor buildings to bring open areas to life while the fencing comes with plenty of space. Finally, some toilets help to make any board look more realistic while the containers were spot on.

With two days to go, I realised my warehouse was looking a little bare. A quick visit to Shiny games put a load of Knights of Dice stuff in my hand. I love the pallets especially but I’ll cover all of them in a longer post.

All this means I’m reducing my Salute purchasing plans. A bigger part of that trip is going to see what people have come up with and also meeting the Spectre guys. And maybe making a tiny purchase. The current plan is for a quiet May.


The big painting thing this week was me finishing off the Tier 1 Operators. Needing some contractors for the campaign, these guys are painted up in block colours and tan gear – all ready to join the Argo Corporation. I really love the models although trying to paint them at speed led to a few missed patches. Luckily the wash helped to cover it up