Impressions: TTCombat HGV Truck

(Hey everyone, as a special treat thanks to me hitting over 2500 views this month, I thought I would bring a post back from the future and put it out on this Bank Holiday Monday) There is something about a toy lorry that takes you back to being a kid. Of course, as a wargamer, … Continue reading Impressions: TTCombat HGV Truck

Wargaming Week 29/05/2017

Let’s start, covering the 21st of May through to the 29th of May. BLOG STUFF Last weekend post was looking at all sorts of scatter terrain. Future compliation articles will actually be spread out during a week, looking at different manufacturers in each post and giving them the forefront. This is primarily to allow people to share them without … Continue reading Wargaming Week 29/05/2017

Impressions: Scatter Terrain Part 1

Strictly speaking, terrain isn't technically needed for a wargame - a few pieces of cardboard with labels on can play the role of buildings and walls. However, terrain makes games much more interesting, giving you something to actually fight over rather. While big buildings and rolling hills help shape the gameplay and draw the eye, smaller … Continue reading Impressions: Scatter Terrain Part 1

Wargaming Week 22/05/2017

Let’s start, covering the 15th of May through to the 20th of May. BLOG STUFF This week's post is up, looking at Sarissa's industrial buildings. Little terrifying to notice that Sarissa actually reposted it on their Facebook page. Thanks to them, Saturday hit some record numbers for views though and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the blog. Speaking … Continue reading Wargaming Week 22/05/2017

Impressions: Sarissa Precision Industrial

Sarissa Precision are pretty high on my list of favourite terrain companies thanks to their wonderfully detailed buildings. Among my favourites in the range are two buildings from their Industrial range, the factory and the office. I first saw these thanks to Spectre's playtest report and was immediately interested in them. Like all Sarissa buildings, … Continue reading Impressions: Sarissa Precision Industrial

Wargaming Week 15/05/2017

Let’s start, covering the 8th of May through to the 13th of May. BLOG STUFF Whole host of things! In terms of actual posts, I put up an impressions of the Foxhound. Its a lovely little kit and I'm really looking forward to getting it painted up. In other news, you may have noticed I've setup a Facebook page where … Continue reading Wargaming Week 15/05/2017

Impressions: Evil Bear Wargames Foxhound

The War on Terror has seen a massive rise in the use of IEDs against conventional forces and as such, there was a much greater interest in the development and purchasing of mine resistant vehicles. The British Army purchased a whole fleet of vehicles designed for different roles, including a replacement for the Snatch Land Rover. … Continue reading Impressions: Evil Bear Wargames Foxhound

Impressions: Spectre’s Razor

Salute saw me picking up a few things, one of which was a very exciting upcoming release from Spectre Miniatures. For months we have been teased with render and prototype images of perhaps the most complex kit they have produced. Perfect for Spectre games of special operations, this new vehicle will be perfect to transport … Continue reading Impressions: Spectre’s Razor

Wargaming Week 08/05/2017

Let’s start, covering the 2nd of May through to the 7th of May. BLOG STUFF One post, covering some generic scenarios I've had sat in my drafts box for a while. A little thing relating to the blog I thought I should mention - I've added some adsense units to the sidebar and footer as well as a … Continue reading Wargaming Week 08/05/2017

Modern Scenario Starting Points

A downloadable version of this article is available here With most of the modern games I play (such as Skirmish Sangin or Spectre), a good scenario is key to your enjoyment. It can paper over any cracks with the dreaded points system and make for something that feels less like a game and more like a … Continue reading Modern Scenario Starting Points

Wargaming Week 02/05/2017

Let’s start, covering the 24th of April through to the 1st of May. BLOG POSTS One big post this week - part 3 of my demo game being assembled. Its the longest post so far and lots of pictures. GAMING No gaming - lots of writing instead. PURCHASES For the big thing, go see my … Continue reading Wargaming Week 02/05/2017

Operation Dragon’s Hoard: Part 3 – Building Boards and Buying Planes

If you are wanting to stay informed about this build, the best way is to follow my blog using it's RSS feed or sign up to email updates using the box at the top of the sidebar.   Since the last time I wrote about my demo game plans a fair amount has happened. I'm going to … Continue reading Operation Dragon’s Hoard: Part 3 – Building Boards and Buying Planes