Wargaming Week 15/05/2017

Let’s start, covering the 8th of May through to the 13th of May.


Whole host of things! In terms of actual posts, I put up an impressions of the Foxhound. Its a lovely little kit and I’m really looking forward to getting it painted up.

In other news, you may have noticed I’ve setup a Facebook page where I’ll be sharing all the posts from this site. If you’re wanting to get everything I write straight to your newsfeed, I’d recommend liking or following it. I’ll also probably put up extra images on facebook as it’s an easier site for people to browse.

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The reason for this page being set up, as well as the push on subscriptions and more views is I would like to expand what I’m doing. I’ve got some stuff coming along (like the demo board or going to events) that I really want to cover and make available for people to read. In addition, there is a gap in what people are reading – when I started to look around there is barely anyone providing impressions on modern wargaming figures except a once over when painted. The core of the blog will always be that of a personal wargaming story with a focus on the ultramodern but if I can provide some resources to the rest of the community, why not? The comparison article for the rules and the feedback I got for it really started to push me looking down this road. Who knows, I might even start recording video and creating the video content everyone seems desperate for.

Coming sooner though, I’ll be writing up an impressions piece on Sarissas industrial buildings, looking at the factory and factory office I own. Something I was missing when I bought it was a good solid review showing it in detail and that’s what I intend to produce. Sadly I don’t have many photos of the in process build but I can write for England on the process. After that, I’ll start working my through the rest of the collection.


No gaming – works been hitting me super hard and I’m hitting a major milestone with the book I’m writing. I am getting really excited to show off what I’ve been spending all these hours on once its ready for prime time. And then you’ll be desperate for me to shut up.


Image from TTCombat’s website

This week’s purchases have been a little spur of the moment. On Friday, TTCombat announced that this year’s giant building is now available for anyone who didn’t find it at Salute and it came with multiple extra bits. Every since watching Free Fire, I’ve been desperate to get a large warehouse space – an indoor area that still has plenty of space for obstacles where you can run an entire game in a warehouse. The Depot and it’s extension reminds me so much of airsoft sites I’ve played at and I’m really looking forward to getting it build and playing around with it.


Not much painting as my lunchtimes have been spent looking through new rules but I did manage to do some assembly. As well as the vehicles, I also build a few more of the US Infantry guys I bought at Salute. Having just rolled off another Modern Warfare 2 session, I decided to give some of the guys MICH and bump helmets. As well as looking cool, it will also help to avoid any duplicates that will turn up while making my US Army platoon.

Empress US Squad 03 with MICH and FAST helmets
Empress US Command Squad with MICH and FAST helmet. The radio guy’s head is part of the body and so some more work would be needed to swap it out.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!