Wargaming Week 26/06/2017

Let’s start, covering the 19th of June through to the 25th. BLOG STUFF Impressions on Empress's Vehicle Crew are now up! This was fun to do although it was a bit of a rush to get it done. Focusing on getting figures done, including 4 in a brand new art style, was a neat challenge. I … Continue reading Wargaming Week 26/06/2017

Impressions: Empress Dismounted AFV Crew

When you start to add vehicles to the tabletop, it's just a matter of time until you need crewman figures thanks to some lucky rebel with an RPG. For light vehicles the standard line infantry will do but as you start to get to the heavier end of the AFV's available, crewmen start wearing different … Continue reading Impressions: Empress Dismounted AFV Crew

Wargaming Week 19/06/2017

Let’s start, covering the 12th of June through to the 18th of June. BLOG STUFF This weekend's post is part 2 of the scatter terrain impressions. This time I'm looking at MDF parts from multiple manufacturers. There will be more parts coming (Spectre keep dropping things I like the look at) so keep an eye open … Continue reading Wargaming Week 19/06/2017

Impressions: Scatter Terrain Part 2

In my previous Scatter Terrain post, I looked at everything resin. Now however, we move onto the world of MDF. Some of these may hit the boundary of what you class as scatter terrain but are included anyway. Knights of Dice Cell Towers Made of lots of little parts, these towers once built are perfect … Continue reading Impressions: Scatter Terrain Part 2

Wargaming Week 12/06/2017

Let's start, covering the 5th of June through to the 11th of June. BLOG STUFF A new Weekend Warfare is up! We're taking a side step from the adventures of CGS as I need some boards to play on what I have planned for Episode 3 and 4. It was a fun game and I'm thinking of … Continue reading Wargaming Week 12/06/2017

Weekend Warfare 3 – INTEL01 “Thieves in the Night”

Part 3 of Weekend Warfare steps away from the adventures of CGS (don't worry, more reports are coming soon following those lunatics). Instead we look at a side story, based on events that took place in Bazistan before Commando Global Solutions arrived. These stories are based off Intel requested by officers in the company Argo … Continue reading Weekend Warfare 3 – INTEL01 “Thieves in the Night”

Wargaming Week 05/06/2017

Let’s start, covering the 30th of May through to the 4th of June. BLOG STUFF The impressions on the TTCombat depot are now up! It was pretty huge and one of the longest posts so far. So far, people seem to quite like it. GAMING I played a solo game on Sunday to test some stealth rules. It … Continue reading Wargaming Week 05/06/2017

Impressions: TTCombat Distribution Depot Set

Okay, this is a big one. Normally when looking at buildings for wargaming, the focus is on making the outside look great. The inside becomes a second thought. However, TTCombat's latest release is a visual treat both inside and out. It's also ridiculously huge. The Distribution depot is designed to be a centrepiece of a game, … Continue reading Impressions: TTCombat Distribution Depot Set