Wargaming Week 31/07/2017

Let’s start, covering the 24th of July through to the 30th. BLOG STUFF + GAMING The report on my holiday game of Spectre is now up! Even though we mis-read a rule or two and there were lots of tribesmen running around, it was still a really fun game. Once again, Spectre is brutal once the rounds … Continue reading Wargaming Week 31/07/2017

Battle Report: CGS009 “Dawn Raid” : Spectre Operations

(Seeing as I'll be too busy on Saturday playing Spectre to do the social media blitz I like to do when a post goes up, enjoy this early battle report!) To get ready for the Spectre weekend in Cardiff (an event I'll be on my way to when this post goes live), I decided to … Continue reading Battle Report: CGS009 “Dawn Raid” : Spectre Operations

Wargaming Week 24/07/2017

Let’s start, covering 17th of July to the 23rd of July. BLOG STUFF I took the week off so there isn't much blog wise to talk about. I did take a look into some longer posts more focused on adding new rules and tools for play I'm also starting to think about the next part of … Continue reading Wargaming Week 24/07/2017

Wargaming Week 17/07/2017

Let’s start, covering the 10th of July through to the 16th of July. Hey, so this is my holiday week so not going to spend much of it on blog stuff. For that reason, I'm not posting anything this Saturday - going to be spending it enjoying a little time away. That said, I'm still … Continue reading Wargaming Week 17/07/2017

Tactics: Razors on the Battlefield

So now you've got your Razor, built it up to how you want and found the rules for your system of choice, how should you actually use them on the tabletop? I'm going to primarily look at their use in Spectre Operations, in particular, analysing the rules that the team at Spectre have released. However, … Continue reading Tactics: Razors on the Battlefield

Additional Rules: Razor In Other Games

Spectre have released their Razor model and alongside it brought out some rather cool rules to include it in their Spectre Operations game. The Razor has a few key characteristics that separate it from other vehicles. These are High speed even over rough terrain Small size, light weight and lacking in armour Carrying capacity Weapon … Continue reading Additional Rules: Razor In Other Games

Wargaming Week 10/07/2017

Let’s start, covering the 3rd of July through to the 9th of July. BLOG STUFF Razor week has begun! It was a rush to the finish and to get the two posts out (Part 2 of the Razor impressions and impressions on the new stowage). However, I'm getting some good responses on it. I was trying … Continue reading Wargaming Week 10/07/2017

Impressions: Spectre’s Vehicle Stowage Alfa

Alongside the release of the Razor, Spectre also released a set of vehicle stowage. Designed to let you personalise and add detail to any form of hobby project, the stowage kit comes with a pile of things to weigh down your vehicle of choice. It also hopefully points to future plans from Spectre which are … Continue reading Impressions: Spectre’s Vehicle Stowage Alfa

Impressions: Spectre’s Razor Part 2

Before you read this impression, I really recommend going back and reading the original impressions on the Razor. I only intend to cover the new stuff and most of what I talk about in the previous post covers building the Razor now. It's taken a while but the Razor is now available from the Spectre … Continue reading Impressions: Spectre’s Razor Part 2

Wargaming Week 03/07/2017

Let’s start, covering the 26th of June through to the 2nd of July. BLOG STUFF We took a trip to Bazistan, my fake imagi-nation this week. It was really great to get all of the information I've had lying around and collate it into one place. I'm going to use it as a place to jump … Continue reading Wargaming Week 03/07/2017

Briefing on Bazistan

You may have noticed the word "Bazistan" has been thrown around in several of the battle reports. So what on earth is it? Well, it's an imagi-nation, a fake nation constructed for the simple purpose of providing a backdrop for my games. Rather than just including a random word in every battle, I thought I … Continue reading Briefing on Bazistan