Wargaming Week 17/07/2017

Let’s start, covering the 10th of July through to the 16th of July.

Hey, so this is my holiday week so not going to spend much of it on blog stuff. For that reason, I’m not posting anything this Saturday – going to be spending it enjoying a little time away.

That said, I’m still doing

So updates from last week?

  • Big news regarding the writing project – it’s reached a very exciting point and how much I can actually work on has dropped giving me more free time!
  • Big thing last week was Razor week – it was a cool idea and people seem to have enjoyed it
  • I managed to play some Spectre Operations – full report coming soon. Was a good game – the operators managed to almost get to the objective before the hordes of locals turned up. After that practise session, I’m ready for Cardiff.
  • Not much hobby stuff – I spent most of the week getting ready for holiday. All I’ve managed to finish is Deniable Operators. Really happy I managed to get them finished, especially as they actually use colours other than brown and green.

And that’s it for this week, full update and posts coming week commencing 24/07/2017