Wargaming Week 30/10/2017

Let’s start, covering the 23rd through to the 29th. BLOG STUFF Last week's post was all about the SAS fighting Werewolves! Got to admit, this was the worst performing post so far this year which was a little disappointing but it was a fun time playing it. GAMING So werewolves fighting SAS. I had a good … Continue reading Wargaming Week 30/10/2017

Battle Report: Home of the Wolf – Skirmish Sangin

It was the last club night before Halloween - something slightly spooky was required. With freshly finished scenario in one hand, and freshly painted werewolves in the other, we sat down to play... Home of the Wolf! The scenario saw 8 UKSF soldiers and a SIS agent going up against 3 werewolves. Thanks to the … Continue reading Battle Report: Home of the Wolf – Skirmish Sangin

Dare You Enter… the Home of the Wolf!

SHOWING NOW ON A WARGAME TABLE NEAR YOU....  Halloween is always a great time to put some stranger things on your wargames table. Rather than the usual zombies, and after watching a film or two, I instead pitched Colin on werewolves. Nasty, agile, ambush predators werewolves that are dead hard to kill. The scenario includes … Continue reading Dare You Enter… the Home of the Wolf!

Impressions: Spectre’s September Releases

September saw a pretty big set of releases for Spectre. With 5 separate sets covering a selection of collections, there really was something in it for everyone. More importantly, it added some more female figures and filled some capability gaps.  Tier 1 Operator - Delta   We start with a new Tier 1 Operator. She … Continue reading Impressions: Spectre’s September Releases

Wargaming Week 16/10/2017

Let’s start, covering the 9th of October through to the 15th of October. BLOG STUFF My article on Tiny Terrain's recent releases is now out. Nice figures, but not exactly the style I like. However, I'm still excited to see what comes out from them next - I'm keeping a close eye on the current kickstarter. … Continue reading Wargaming Week 16/10/2017

Initial Impressions: Tiny Terrain’s Figures

So far most of this blog has been filled with models from Empress, Eureka and Spectre. Today however, I'm going to take a look at Tiny Terrain's current offerings - in particular his law enforcement pack (that was released a few weeks ago)and the two man JTAC team released earlier this year. This is just … Continue reading Initial Impressions: Tiny Terrain’s Figures

Plausible Deniability is available for Pre-Order

  Plausible Deniability, the next supplement for Radio Dishdash's modern day skirmish game, is now available to pre-order! Plausible Deniability contains 12 Special Forces scenarios for Skimish Sangin. It includes 9 ORBATS of Special Forces teams ranging from MARSOC to GROM and all the associated rules to run a Special Operations campaign using the Skirmish … Continue reading Plausible Deniability is available for Pre-Order

Spectre Miniatures Unreleased Models: October 2017

As you may have seen based on the posts, I really like Spectre Miniatures. They make a great set of rules and make some of the coolest figures available to the modern gamer. Another thing that particularly good about them is how often they post up some previews and show the world what is coming … Continue reading Spectre Miniatures Unreleased Models: October 2017