Wargaming Week 23/10/2017

Let’s start, covering the 16th through to the 22st of October.


This week’s post looked into the last set of Spectre Releases. From looking at the stats, these posts also do really well. Expect one every month if I pick the releases up.


No gaming –  I had planned to go to the wargames club on Thursday but I ended up missing it due to work. Ah well, just have to make sure I get there for next week (especially as I’m running it).


Nothing new was purchased this week but a few things arrived.

First up, the last three buildings from the Tabula Rasa range arrived from Shiny Games. These buildings are awesome, perfect base models for conversion work and I’ve wanted to get all the elements of the range together before doing an impressions. The plan is an initial article in the next few weeks, followed by a larger post once I finish them.

The other thing that was arrived was the second part of Project Little Bird. These two fully converted models arrived thanks to a lucky ebay auction I was sent to by the guy who sent me the other Little Bird kit. These two are a AH-6 armed with rockets and miniguns and a MH-6 complete with boards for troop carrying. I’m really happy I managed to grab these helos.

That said, I think there are quite a few changes I want to do to them. I need to sit down and work through the list of tweaks I want to make before I start on the project so I can gather all the little bits I need. Expect a post soon.


I got the figures for the releases post done. You can find more details in the impressions post but overall the biggest challenge is making sure that newer figures match older ones in the same collection.

I also started on repainting my SAS Direct Action guys ready for Thursday’s game. When I first painted them, I did them in a generic fashion with multicam smocks and green trousers. They looked okay and I had a good few games with them. However, I think Spectre’s ever increasing range is much better suited for the bang up to date operators. The other reason for the change was taking a look at pictures of Task Force Black and seeing the cool collection of kit they were seen wearing.

Due to working with US forces, camo ranges from British DPM varieties to US three colour desert and UCP. So for 8 models, I’m using 4 different camo patterns. To tie them all together, I’ve decided to use at least one item of ACU camo (either trousers or shirt) with the other being different camo patterns. So far I have done the four figures above (two only wearing UCP and two with desert 3 colour) and will be finishing the last four (and the SIS agent) before the game on Thursday.

And then there are the matter of their opponents for Thursday’s game. They are a little hairier than the usual bad guys…

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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