Spectre Miniatures Rare Models

Despite Spectre only being around for a few years there are a few models that have achieved collectors status. Be this due to accidents or careful planning, these models are hard to find. That said, if you want to watch eBay or work out what your opponent across the table is using, this article should … Continue reading Spectre Miniatures Rare Models

Wargaming Week 20/11/2017

Let’s start, covering the 13th through to the 19th of November. BLOG STUFF This week's post was looking the Under Fire Miniatures German Police. Its always nice to find a new company making figures especially when they release ones this nice. Really looking forward to what's coming next. In other blog news, I've got some good … Continue reading Wargaming Week 20/11/2017

Impressions: Under Fire Miniature’s West German Polizei

As much as I love many of the established companies, I'm always keeping my eye on what else there is. One company that has caught my eye is Under Fire Miniatures. They have a wonderful range of 20mm figures but more exciting for me is their small but rapidly growing set of 28mm stuff. At … Continue reading Impressions: Under Fire Miniature’s West German Polizei

Initial Impressions: Knights of Dice Tabula Rasa

  In my overview earlier this year looking at Adobe buildings, I briefly talked about Knights of Dice and their MDF buildings. Since then, I've picked up the rest of range and I'm now ready to talk about all the various buildings you can purchase from the Tabula Rasa desert range. In this post, I'm … Continue reading Initial Impressions: Knights of Dice Tabula Rasa

Wargaming Week 06/11/2017

Let’s start, covering the 30th of October through to the 5th of November. BLOG STUFF Friday's post was recapping the run of Operation Dragon Hoard at Fiasco 2017. As you might guess from my blog post and from the various other places I've talked about it, I had a really good time. I'm not 100% finished … Continue reading Wargaming Week 06/11/2017

Important: Cleaning Up and Coming Soon!

Hey everyone! So, if you you may have received a pile of emails earlier this evening talking about video games. You may also have noticed there has been a bit of a drop in the number of posts on the site and lots of categories have gone missing. This is because I've decided to tidy … Continue reading Important: Cleaning Up and Coming Soon!

Operation Dragon’s Hoard: Fiasco, Leeds

If you haven't checked out the previous posts in the series on Operation Dragon's Hoard, check out the page I've set up for it at https://hntdaab.co.uk/blog/demo-game-operation-dragons-hoard/ Operation Dragon's Hoard had its first public showing last weekend. This was a pretty major turning point for this project - as well as having the game running, it also … Continue reading Operation Dragon’s Hoard: Fiasco, Leeds