Wargaming Week 06/11/2017

Let’s start, covering the 30th of October through to the 5th of November.


Friday’s post was recapping the run of Operation Dragon Hoard at Fiasco 2017. As you might guess from my blog post and from the various other places I’ve talked about it, I had a really good time. I’m not 100% finished with it but it’s definitely getting there.

In other blog news, I might have messed up on Friday while doing some clean up. A few old posts reactivated and WordPress decided to remind everyone about it. This wasn’t intended and I should have put the site into maintenance mode when doing sweeping changes. On the plus side, the site should now be easier to access and things like search should be more effective.


I managed to get down to the club on Thursday to get some games in! I spent the evening playing AK47, one of the older games I think I’ve played. Under the careful guidance of Jack and Derek, MDF Michael and myself grabbed our forces and got playing. Unfortunately, my phone knows it’s about to get replaced and has decided to turn off at 50% battery and so I missed out taking any photos of the game. After the pre-game political moves and some rough dice rolls, I ended up with only a single unit on the board. While the horde of religious nutcases bum rushed the dictator’s forces, my Colonalist armour sat on the objective for the entire game.

To make up for it, here are a few of the other games going on at the club on Thursday.

2 v 2 game of Warhammer 40k across a crowded board.

Angus ran a Back of Beyond game set in Poland complete with low flying planes


Photo from Spectre Miniatures

Currently nothing – but Crisis was this weekend and Spectre showed off their upcoming releases. We’re looking at 3 squad packs of SAS, some SAS supports and a few extra figures for Task Force Operator, Tier 1 Operator and Task Force Nomad ranges. In fact the release is so big I’m going to have to split my release article in half – one looking at the new SAS guys, the other covering the additions to the older ranges. Now just to get Task Force Nomad painted up…


I spent the weekend at Berwick seeing my Aunt and Uncle while they were on holiday so spent a lovely weekend not doing much hobby stuff. However, I did manage to look through my stuff and start planning out some more games

As I mentioned above, AK47 really grabbed me. Its a fun game and the club are playing it in 15mm. At some point, I realised that I actually have some 15mm stuff (fresh from an attempt to dabble in Flames of War) that was sat in a box waiting to be used.

Turns out I had quite a lot of 15mm stuff.

Lots of Shermans, Fireflys, Churchills, Staghounds and some cheapo halftracks. There are also two platoons of US Airborne infantry and a platoon of British infantry. This should be more than enough for a AK47 force. The next step is to get all this painted. I also need to rebase infantry into smaller groups which is fine for the metal guys but could be interesting with the plastics.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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