Wargaming Week 27/11/2017

Let’s start, covering the 20th through to the 26th.



This week’s post was looking at the various Spectre models which are now classed as rare. It’s odd that such a small company has so many OOP models in the time it’s taken but they have been busy both making new stuff and upgrading the old to match changing standards.

This post also saw the site break it’s most popular day, hitting 473 views on Friday. I’m a little disheartened that the post that does the best in one day is one I did in an evening rather than one of my more involved pieces but I’m still glad people are reading it and enjoying it.

I’m also looking at Bazistan and doing some tweaks to it. Might be opening up a new front soon across the water in Africa thanks to some new purchases. As part of this, I’ll be replacing some of the references to Eritrea – don’t worry though, the core ideas will be kept intact.


Nothing – still too busy with work and writing.


So Spectre had their Black Friday sale and as part of it restocked a lot of their figures. Taking advantage of this, I finally got round to ordering the last few figures I didn’t own – the African Militia and Rebels. Really excited to get these painted up as it’s a chance to expand the scenarios I do. It’s also means that I now own all the figures (i.e. not terrain/vehicles/crew figures) that Spectre have on the store. Of course they do all need painting…


Again not much – busy with work so what little hobby time I had has been spent writing. However, I’ve done the base colours on most of the new SAS figures – now I just have to work on the camo.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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