Wargaming Week 26/02/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 19th through to the 25th of February. BLOG STUFF Last week saw two posts go up, looking at two items from Empress's catalogue. Wednesday's post (the first of the new shorter style) covered their US Stowage pack while Friday's went in depth with the GAZ Tigr model. If … Continue reading Wargaming Week 26/02/2018

Impressions: Empress GAZ Tigr

So far, nearly all the vehicles I've covered on the site have been either of Western origins or some form of technical. However, my regular OPFOR have been needing some vehicles to back them up. Where better to start than the GAZ Tigr, available in 28mm scale from Empress. The Tigr is a infantry mobility … Continue reading Impressions: Empress GAZ Tigr

Impressions: Warhansa Spetsnaz

When I started looking for new companies to buy models from and write about, there were some that jumped out to me straight away. Others, including today's manufacturer Warhansa, were ones I had looked at but never seen a set that screamed for me to take a look. Checking the site at the start of … Continue reading Impressions: Warhansa Spetsnaz

Wargaming Week 12/02/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 5th through to the 11th of February. BLOG STUFF This week saw two articles - one covering Operation Dragon's Hoard at Vapnartak and the other taking a look at one of SASM's range of figures. Overall a pretty busy week! The other blog thing is that thanks to some … Continue reading Wargaming Week 12/02/2018

Impressions: SASM Operator Juarez

A big push this year on the site is to expand the list of companies I cover, with the goal of providing the widest possible look into all the options available to an ultramodern gamer. One of the companies that had sat on my list for a while has been Special Artisan Service Miniatures based … Continue reading Impressions: SASM Operator Juarez

Operation Dragon’s Hoard: Vapnartak, York

If you haven’t checked out the previous posts in the series on Operation Dragon’s Hoard, check out the page I’ve set up for it at https://hntdaab.co.uk/blog/demo-game-operation-dragons-hoard/ Last weekend was Vapnartak. This was a show I've been particularly looking forward to; Its one of my "local" shows (thanks to one of my buddies in the wargaming … Continue reading Operation Dragon’s Hoard: Vapnartak, York

Spectre Operations: Building a Force – Mobility, Protection, Firepower

In the last post we took a look at the basics of building a force through role specific teams. In this post, we'll look at how vehicles can be added to regular forces in order to augment their capabilities and provide new tactics. As in part 1, this article is designed primarily for Spectre Operations … Continue reading Spectre Operations: Building a Force – Mobility, Protection, Firepower