Wargaming Week 05/02/2018

(So I’m writing this having just got back from a full day running my demo game at Vapnartak – I apologize in advance for any spelling issues)

Let’s start, covering the 29th of January through to the 4th of February.


This week’s post was a new part in Building a Force, focusing this time on vehicles. I found this post a little harder to write, as unlike infantry vehicles can well and truly unbalance many modern games. However, it was fun to do a run down of the various important bits. The next part will probably be next month (also probably before I go run a show) so keep your eyes open for that!

This week is going to see a two post extravaganza. On Wednesday, I’ll be releasing the write up for Vapnartak, both in terms of how the demo game went and how Vapnartak 2018 was. It will probably be similar to the Fiasco post, with what I changed before the game and what I’ll be tweaking before the next one. Then on Friday, once I finish painting them, the plan is to take a look at the Operator Juarez pack that has been sat on my desk for a couple of weeks.


Image from Empress Miniatures

So news! And with this being Vapa week, Empress brought out some new insurgents! Except these might look a little familiar if you picked up the Universal bodies last year. These guys have sculpted keffiyeh on their heads. I’ll admit, when I first saw them I had mixed feeling but after seeing them in the flesh at Vapnartak (my Number 2 for demo games pick up a set) I’m much more excited about them. This is definitely a style of headwear that you couldn’t make modular and the poses would fit in great alongside the rest of their range. I also failed to notice the addition of a slung LAW tube to one of the riflemen which should be a nasty surprise. Empress has also put up some more picture of the Universal guys with the different heads – the insurgent heads especially look like a great fit for any ragtag militia, from the Middle East to the Middle of the Rockies.

Spectre didn’t have any new releases but they did show off a new preview of an upcoming release. The eagle eyed amongst the Spectre fans spotted this group at the front of the last preview image and raised some excitement. Now we have some better pictures, and we have also been told their inspiration, which are Green Berets operating in Central Africa as mentors. These guys look like the usual light kit SF but after talking to Spectre there are a few features which are specific to the role they are replicating. I’m a sucker for this style (guys in light kit, especially with M4s) because it’s a loadout you can use for a massive number of roles. This is definitely a set I’ll be looking forward to.

The final bit of news is some terrain! Supreme Littleness Designs is my local MDF genius and we’ve been talking about some more terrain for ultramodern above and beyond the usual adobes. Well after literally a few months he’s come back with some awesome modular construction site buildings, perfect for close quarters gunplay or being a perfect sniping position. I’m pleased to announce that these will be shown off as part of the demo game at Hammerhead. Of course before then I’ll have to build and paint them so expect a post sometime in February giving you lots of detail in this unique set of buildings.


Come back on Wednesday to see all the gaming I did this week. Because there was a lot of gaming.


I purchased a few things for getting ready for the demo game, you’ll find out more in this week’s post.

Vapnartak was a little quiet on the purchasing front for me this year (probably due to the big stack of SASM and Eureka models to finish). However, after seeing the pickups get minced in the last game, it was immediately vital that I got some more armoured backup. Two vehicles I’ve wanted for a while are Empress’s M-ATV and Tigr vehicles. I’ve picked up both and will start assembling over the next few weeks. These are going to be some great vehicles to build and something new for the tabletop.


This week’s hobby was all about getting ready for Sunday so I’m going to save that for the report later this week.

The only preview I’ve got is that I finished off some more operators ready for use in the game. THis was just more of the same multicam but I’ll grab some better pictures when I cover them in the York update.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!