Wargaming Week 19/02/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 12th through to the 18th of February.


The post for this week was taking a look at Warhansa’s Spetsnaz squad. This wasn’t the article I had planned, but as soon as these figures arrived I just had to paint them and get them out.

A bit of an update, Wargames Illustrated Prime members who have taken a look at the Vapnartak show report may have seen a familiar looking C130 at the end of the article. It’s really cool to see but it should look a little different next time people see it


Not much news this week, stay tuned for more coming soon


No gaming this week due to a couple of reasons. Looking like I used up all my gaming time at York.


In less time than expected, the MARSOC figures from Wartime Miniatures have arrived. I haven’t done much with them other than basing them but I’m looking forward to painting them up. Expect an impression soon.

Seeing as they are running a sale on them, I also grabbed the Warlord Games Project Z Spec Ops set from Evil Bear Wargames. This is an oddity amongst modern releases as it’s a plastic multipart kit. Definitely worth playing around with it. In addition, I also picked up something else to give my operators some backup without risking their lives.


So yeah, the big thing for this week was getting the Warhansa figures painted up. I had originally planned for these guys to be painted somewhere else in the stack of things but I fell in love with the details and just had to get them done. Getting them finished also opened my eyes to other sculpts from igor working quite well in terms of scaling. Expect more Russians to be finished off and used as Bazistan Army forces.

While on a roll, I also got to work on one of my purchases from Vapnartak. This Empress Tigr was really fun and simple to build so it was finished and painted in an evening. Full impressions on Friday!

Speaking of purchase from Vapnartak, I also got to work on the Empress M-ATV. Unfortunately I was missing a piece (which arrived at work just this morning) but I did manage to do some other work to it. There are still a few things to tweak, as well as some other adjustments but I’ll go into more detail in an upcoming impressions piece.

My MDF wizard also dropped off the second part of the modular tower block range and a spent a fun evening assembling part two. I’m really looking forward to doing the write up on these, especially when showing off the potential for gameplay they’ll add to your table. Module 3 arrives this week and then I just have to paint them all up. Impressions piece on them will be on March 2nd (probably as a panic and try to get them ready for Hammerhead)

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!