Wargaming Week 26/02/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 19th through to the 25th of February.


Last week saw two posts go up, looking at two items from Empress’s catalogue. Wednesday’s post (the first of the new shorter style) covered their US Stowage pack while Friday’s went in depth with the GAZ Tigr model.

If you missed it in Wednesday’s post, the new shorter style will be on the site every other Wednesday. This is so I get the chance to write all the post I want to get done – I was rapidly running out of weeks.

Also in blog news, this weekend is Hammerhead at Newark Showground. I’ll be there running Operation Dragon’s Hoard complete with a few tweaks. The game will be in the Gamer’s Lounge which is the smaller of the two halls so don’t forget to come and take a look!


News time! First up is a new release from Spectre. This set is ripped directly from the headlines – it covers a Green Beret team operating as mentors in Central Africa. From talking to the guys at Spectre Miniatures, there has been a fair amount of communication with some of the team out there leading to an incredible level of accuracy. There are some unusual features which help these guys to stand out, such as the lack of sidearms and hearing protection based on the research gathered. This set is once again sold as a Spectre Squad kit, giving you a mix of assault rifles and battle rifles. There are no support weapons however, as the mentored team will need to bring the firepower.

I love the look of this set and so I picked it up. Expect an impressions soon once they arrive on my desk. You can find it for yourself on their site at https://www.spectreminiatures.com/collections/green-berets/products/green-beret-jungle-ops-team

In terrain news, Sarissa has announced that their range of 20mm North African buildings will be released soon in 28mm. I love the style on these buildings, probably due to too much Call of Duty 2, and they will be perfect for the more built up areas of any former colonial state in northern Africa… like Zaiweibo. I’m not sure how many of the 20mm range will come over to the larger scale but it’s something I’m very interested in.


None this week, getting ready for Hammerhead


My order from Evil Bear arrived! I haven’t manged to do much with it due to Hammerhead prep but the combination of plastic troops and drones gun platforms should be fun. Expect more details on these coming soon!


Lots of stuff getting ready for Hammerhead so I’m going to keep it under wraps for now. Come back in next week’s post for all the WIP pictures!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!