Wargaming Week 30/04/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 22nd through to the 29th of April. BLOG STUFF This week I finally finished off my Spectre Barricades. These have been sat on my workbench for way too long. I'm planning to try and finish off the taller barricades as well so expect to see them soon! In terms … Continue reading Wargaming Week 30/04/2018

Spectre Jersey Barriers

If there is one thing any gamer knows, every battlefield should be littered a number of chest high walls perfect for hiding behind and funnelling enemies into killzones.. While thinking about balancing out my demo game and looking through my list of unassembled projects, I realised that I could kill two birds with one stone … Continue reading Spectre Jersey Barriers

Wargaming Week 23/04/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 16th through to the 22nd of April. BLOG STUFF Another two post week. Wednesday's post was recapping Salute complete with the usual pile of pictures - as you might guess, it's done pretty well in terms of views. Friday's update then looked at Osprey's latest book as part … Continue reading Wargaming Week 23/04/2018

Impressions: Osprey New Vanguard Technical

The historical wargaming hobby has many aspects to it for people to enjoy. One of the aspects I particularly like is learning the period as it's a great way to learn tactics, be inspired for scenarios and find references for paint schemes. When looking for information, one of my favourite places to start is Osprey … Continue reading Impressions: Osprey New Vanguard Technical

Salute 2018 Trip Report

Salute is the largest wargames show in the UK and, for me, a chance to visit London, see the sights, catch up with other wargamers and then escape within 24(ish) hours with a bag full of lead and future plans made. Since going to my first in 2015 as I rejoined the hobby, I've eagerly … Continue reading Salute 2018 Trip Report

Wargaming Week 16/04/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 9th through to the 15th of April. BLOG STUFF Last week's post was looking at Warlord Games's Project Z Spec Ops box. These guys had to be looked at as they are a unique set amongst the primarily metal and resin alternatives. Overall I wasn't that impressed but I … Continue reading Wargaming Week 16/04/2018

Impressions: Project Z Spec Ops

As a rule, most modern wargaming figures are either metal or resin. Due to the relative niche amount of interest in ultramodern wargaming, it's never really made financial sense to release plastic multi-part kits. There is however one place where a modern wargamer may find some suitable figures. Of course, it's inside the subject matter … Continue reading Impressions: Project Z Spec Ops

Wargaming Week 09/04/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 2nd through to the 8th of April. BLOG STUFF Last week was a twofer, covering Evil Bear's Combat Drones and Sarissa Precision's Colonial buildings. I'm really excited about getting both of these products on the table so watch this space! The plan for this week is to have … Continue reading Wargaming Week 09/04/2018

Initial Impressions: Sarissa Precision North Africa / Colonial

When most people look for terrain to fill their MENA board, the first thought goes to the classic adobes. Although these mud brick buildings (and their variations) are found throughout the region, there are all sorts of other buildings suitable for the tabletop. For a while, Sarissa Precision have had a range of colonial buildings … Continue reading Initial Impressions: Sarissa Precision North Africa / Colonial

Impressions: Evil Bear Wargames Combat Support Drones

The line between Sci-fi and Ultramodern for wargamers is sometimes a very thin line. With the rise of drones from things flying high above to smaller ones that fit in the palm of your hand, it's highly likely at some point you'll want to add a robot with a machine gun to your game (similar … Continue reading Impressions: Evil Bear Wargames Combat Support Drones