Wargaming Week 02/04/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 26th of March through to the 1st of April.


Last week we took a look at Spectre’s Green Berets pack. This was a little delayed due to a broken barrel but luckily Spectre’s great support got me a replacement sent out ASAP. Overall they were a fun set to paint, lacking the usual body armour but still pretty well equipped.

This week is a double post week. I’m still working out the exact articles but come back on Wednesday and Friday for new content.

We’re also into a new month! In exciting news, I broke 5000 views in March! This is a pretty exciting milestone. The goal now is to keep up this level of interest in the blog for a few months and see where it goes from there. But thanks to everyone for reading my work!


Only one news item this week but oh my it’s a big one! Empress has released a new nation for their Modern range. The Germans are here! Ready for operations in their new IdZ kit (the German Future Soldier program), these guys are bring a whole load of new kit to the table. The range is pretty extensive, bringing enough figures for two 6 man squads, a MMG team (with MG3 on tripod) and a Milan team for busting bunkers/tanks. Overall, this is a great looking range and bring out some figures for an army in kit not covered by many other manufacturers. There is even a Leopard 2 already in the store to give your squads some backup.

I spent my Saturday morning at CHILLCON near Sheffield. This show was pretty great – it had the feel of a local show while also bringing in some big names and a good mix of traders. One of the ones I was interested in talking to was White Dragon Miniatures, whose resin British Infantry are on my workbench. After talking to the owner, I’m really excited to see what’s coming next. The stall showed off a few upcoming releases. To go with the existing vehicle dismount release, there will be foot patrol figures coming soon. These share the same basic poses as as the dismounts with a few tweaks to add the rucksacks and other kit needed for a patrol (made easier by the CAD origin of the figures). Also coming is a few add-on packs such as the night time items (including NVGs and laser light modules) which are 3D printed items ready for adding those extra details. The Foxhound and crew is pretty great but I’m really excited about the quad bikes. Coming with a few options for riders, stowage options on the bike itself and three trailer variations, this set should be great for building up some logistic elements (or making some jumping off points for Fighting Season when it comes out).

Of course, there was also a few other releases planned for further in the future which are very exciting indeed. But I won’t spoil the surprises. However, it’s clear White Dragon is aiming to keep pushing Courage in Contact, with a decent roadmap and the intention to provide everything a player might need for their force. I will be keeping a close eye on them


Sadly none. Rather than wargames club, my Thursday was spent driving south for Easter weekend in Leeds.


Well I bought some Germans. Really excited to get these guys on the battlefield! In the same order, I also picked up some Jazz Age Afghans with Lee Enfields. My plan is to do some headswaps to give the Taliban a few guys with bolt action rifles.


I took some time off work for a long Easter weekend and managed to dig my teeth into the pile of Sarissa Colonial buildings I had waiting to be assembled. Apart from a miscut piece stopping completion of one (which Sarissa were quick to get replacement sorted out), I had a fantastic time building these impressive buildings. This range is one I’d been keeping an eye on since they were first announced for 20mm and now I’ve built them I’m really happy. Simple to build, great level of detail and should be easy to get looking good with only a few simple techniques. I’ll be putting up an initial impressions soon covering the basics while painted up versions will wait until I get round to “modernising” (making adobes and colonial buildings look more suitable for the modern day while adding some extra details) and painting the pile of MDF sat on the workbench.

I also had some free time to do some painting. As well as rushing to finish off the Green Berets, I got to finish off the Evil Bear Wargames Drones you can see above – expect an article on them later this week. I wish I could have done some more painting but taking some time off to see family and watch films was much appreciated.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!