Wargaming Week 09/04/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 2nd through to the 8th of April.


Last week was a twofer, covering Evil Bear’s Combat Drones and Sarissa Precision’s Colonial buildings. I’m really excited about getting both of these products on the table so watch this space!

The plan for this week is to have some thoughts on the Empress Bundeswehr. However, that does depend on my actually finishing them by Thursday night (and then not stay up too late so I don’t miss my train to London on Friday).


Honestly, no major news from the world of wargaming this week. Everyone is keep their stuff quiet for Salute.

Speaking of Salute, I’m going to be there this weekend! Expect to see me wandering around, taking photos and picking up more tiny figures for wargaming. If you’re wanting to catch up, just keep your eyes open for this bag and the person it’s attached to. I’ll also be around at the [email protected] the night before for a few drinks/planning what to purchase the following day.


No wargaming


No purchases either. Salute beckons…


Work is getting pretty mad so I haven’t had much time to really sit down and work on stuff. I did however manage to do a lot of utility stuff (like basing and painting). More importantly I also managed to finally clear both my coffee table and most of my desk of wargames projects so I now look less like a mad man. Thanks to this chest of drawers on wheels I picked up from home over Easter, I now have space to fit all of my vehicles, paints and material for wargaming into there so now I have a bit more space to fill with more stuff.

I have started work on the Bundeswehr this weekend. They are still in a pretty early state (I only got them in my hands on Saturday) but I can cover just a little bit of my plans for them. The paint scheme I’m working from is Eureka’s desert Flecktarn that is available on their site. However, I am a simple man with little skill for mixing paints in a consistent way. However, since I was also planing to use my standby Agrax Earthshade as the final wash, I think I’m going to tweak the colours slightly. Come back on Friday (hopefully) to see the final effect.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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