Wargaming Week 30/04/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 22nd through to the 29th of April.


This week I finally finished off my Spectre Barricades. These have been sat on my workbench for way too long. I’m planning to try and finish off the taller barricades as well so expect to see them soon!

In terms of blog updates, I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that I’m going to stop doing the Wednesday posts. This is mainly as (based on how often I talked about work in these posts) things are starting to heat up at work so I’ve got a bit less time to work on stuff. Similarly, I’m going to be a bit less fussed about covering everything possible out there – as much as I love this blog, it’s still just a hobby blog rather than a job. I’m still going to keep the schedule (it’s great collating details on all the new stuff coming out) but the focus will be not quite as much only new stuff – I still have a lot of lead mountain to dig through and show off.


They are finally coming. This week, Spectre have finally shown off some images of their upcoming range of Humvees. The first teaser shows an uparmoured GMV Humvee for SOF usage, with the open topped but armoured rear section, enclosed turret and armoured doors. From what Spectre have said, all these parts are modular and show only one of several variations. This is probably the next big release I’m excited for, both for the chance to build up a cool fleet of vehicles but also being able to get a column of Humvee variants on the board. Expect something similar to Project Technical once they come out.

The other news is some cool upcoming releases from Lazy Forger. He’s been sculpting up these hescos (it’s been fascinating to see him weaving metal wire together on his Facebook page) and they look really good. Based on the news post, these have been sent off to White Dragon Miniatures to cast and release them while Lazy Forger will be working on some larger wall sections, ready to make building FOBs and fortifications even easier. I’m really looking forward to putting these on the table.


I played a ton of Skirmish Sangin while running Operation Dragon’s Hoard at Hammerhead. It was a really good time, and turns out I still really like playing Skirmish Sangin. More details (and pictures) in Friday’s post.


Shockingly nothing. I did a walk around the usual suspects at Hammerhead but the mental image of the pile of livestock to be painted must have stalled my purchasing hand.

However, I did pick up the latest volume of Black Powder Red Earth Yemen and I’m looking forward to sitting down to read it this weekend.


The combination of Hammerhead prep, leaving Edinburgh on Thursday night for my weekend in Yorkshire and work meant I didn’t have a huge amount of time to do much hobby stuff this week. Apart from the walls, the only other painting I managed to do was the base colours on the MENA Regulars so all they need is the camo pattern.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!