Wargaming Week 28/05/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 21st through to the 27th of May. BLOG STUFF Last week was a surprise double bill, looking at two areas of Technical weaponry. Wednesday saw a look at the Improvised weapons while Friday focused on weapons for the Bravo Technical. Project Technical has been fun to work on - … Continue reading Wargaming Week 28/05/2018

Technicals – Bravo Equipment

Ah, time to go back to old faithful. It's safe to say that writing about pickups with guns has been pretty successful so far. This time, I'm taking a look at three new pieces of gear designed for the more modern of the technical models offered by Spectre, Technical Bravo. The Bravo has a much … Continue reading Technicals – Bravo Equipment

Technicals – Improvised Weapon Systems

While writing Friday's post I realised, except for a brief mention, I haven't actually talked about some of the wierder weapons available from Spectre and how I had assembled them ready for hot-swapping into the technicals. Seeing as they don't fit into either of the themes of the next two posts, and as a midweek … Continue reading Technicals – Improvised Weapon Systems

Project: B-Town – Part 1: More Impressions and Project Begins

It's time for a new project! With the completion of Operation Dragon's Hoard, my scenery projects have run dry (and less full of downed planes and dust). However, that doesn't mean my terrain collection is all good to go. Since I started wargaming, I've slowly been collecting more and more MDF, all ready for a … Continue reading Project: B-Town – Part 1: More Impressions and Project Begins

Wargaming Week 14/05/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 7th through to the 13th. BLOG STUFF This week's post was taking a look at Spectre's MENA Regulars. I always find this style of figure really useful when designing scenarios (especially when wanting a change from hordes of insurgents). I'm every excited to see what comes next in this … Continue reading Wargaming Week 14/05/2018

Impressions: Spectre MENA Regulars

It's safe to say that most ultramodern games will probably end up with high tech Western forces up against irregulars. However, sometimes you'll need some more uniform looking MENA forces to either act as the OPFOR or to act the role of the locals being advised or assisted. At Salute, Spectre released their first wave … Continue reading Impressions: Spectre MENA Regulars

Operation Dragon’s Hoard: The Final Run and Post Mortem

This post should have been appearing back in March. However, General Winter came a calling and the final run of Operation Dragon's Hoard was delayed due to the show being cancelled after an unexpected amount of snow. In my last post on Operation Dragon's Hoard, I covered some major tweaks I'd made to the plane … Continue reading Operation Dragon’s Hoard: The Final Run and Post Mortem