Hammerhead 2018

Okay, so I may have said I was not doing a Wednesday post, but while writing the Operation Dragon’s Hoard focused article I realised that it was turning into a bit of a monster by combining show report and post mortem. Instead, I’ve brought forward the post with all the pictures to today! So here’s my coverage of Hammerhead 2018:

Perhaps the biggest thing for me, as you might expect, was that I was running Operation Dragon’s Hoard in the Gamer’s Lounge along with Peeb’s Gaming Nonsense. Full details coming in Friday’s post.

However, I did make some time to speed around the rest of the show and take some snaps of the various games.

Zomski was a combination of Chechen War and Zombies. With a board packed full of cover and teeming with combatants it was certainly a sight. Did it need zombies? Who can say! That said, it did seem pretty busy when I swung past.

I didn’t get a chance to spot the rules this game was playing but it was certainly one of the most eye catching. I do like the teddy bear fur look for North Western Europe.

A very well put together game of Sharp Practise 2 from Harrogate Wargamers. Every time I see a game of it, especially one looking this nice, I will admit I do start planning a force for it…

Leeds Wargames Club brought along Conn Sonar. I really liked the look of this game when I spotted it at Fiasco and it’s cool to see their method of allowing submarines and surface vessels on the same board.

I think I saw this board (or a game similar) at last Hammerhead. However they had tweaked it slightly, with the addition of a crashed glider and a UBoat pulled up on the dock.

7TV’s new board was showing off their Apocalypse range. I’d seen TM Terrain working on this board over on his Facebook page and missed it at Salute so getting to see it finished was fantastic

Indian Mutiny game up and running – spotted a few familiar buildings amongst the town which drew the eye.

The massive Battle at the OK Coral Board – I believe this ended up with the overall “Best Game” award of the day. Wild West is something I enjoy from afar but haven’t yet been pushed to jump into.

A Lord of the Rings game? Haven’t seen this being played for ages but it was cool to see Corsairs being rumbled.

With What A Tanker being the recently released game for tank fighting, it was interesting to see someone running Tanks!

The other modern game in the Gamer’s Lounge was this large scale battle of Germans vs Russians. Some inventive methods for doing hedgerows .

The final game was a massive Science Fiction game using some hex base terrain.

So that’s all the games I spotted. Details of Operation Dragon’s Hoard will be in Friday’s post as well as some thoughts on the show.