Wargaming Week 05/11/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 29th of October through to the 4th of November.


Blotz has released a new bit of terrain – a submarine! I do like the fact this is modular kit, letting you set it up as appropriate for your time period with a mix of missle hatches, deck guns and deck pieces. A more modern alternative conning tower would be a neat addition for those people wanting something to deploy their Navy SEALs in style.

If you want one of your own, find it on the Blotz store.

The Ultracombat kickstarter rolls on so it’s time to talk about it. First up, the disclaimer. I have worked with Dishdash on the last Skirmish Sangin book but I have not been involved with any work on this ruleset

So the cool thing we have seen this week is a preview of how the rules work, showing a small Russian and American force encountering each other in Donetsk. For anyone who has played Skirmish Sangin, a lot of these concepts (and the presentation style) are going to seem familiar – for example, the humble AP has returned. However, the focus on elements over individuals has shifted the game as well as the change from the D100 to the D20.

This first document has me really excited and I am looking forward to having the excuse to get some platoons on the board.



Okay almost nothing – I backed the Ultracombat Kickstarter.


Spectre’s latest order arrived earlier. Although I haven’t managed to assemble most of it, I did have to put together one of the pair of Talon Robots. I really love these guys and getting the first one together was quite fun! The only downside was I managed to snap the barrel off the 240 and had to reglue it. I also managed to add the usual rare earth magnets to hold the turret on

The bulk of the order was, of course, Spectre’s BMP1. And now that I have it in my hand, I am tempted to go back and order a few more. The quality on this is great, lots of detail. Wyrmalla managed to get his writeup done real sharpish and most of his opinions match up with mine. Maybe I need to come out of my break a little early and get mine painted up once I’ve done the clean up on it.

I’m slowly getting back into painting with the Aussies. I managed to actually get to use my Broken Toad brush for the first time. It’s a nice breath of fresh air compared to the junk I’ve been using as a paint applicator for the last few months. Expect more when I actually get the figures finished.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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