Wargaming Week 28/01/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 21st through to the 27th of January.


Blog has been quiet again. Still slowly working my way through things.


The M-ATV J-LTV is getting closer and this week it has appeared with the ridiculous 30mm cannon mount that was shown off last week. Having now seen on the vehicle, I can’t wait to see what my players do once it hits the wargames table.

For some more pictures of both the new Remote Weapon System and the JLTV, check out this album the Spectre team put up. https://www.facebook.com/groups/spectreopwargame/permalink/2939681766057616/?tn=-UC-R

Spectre have put up several Black Site Studio products on their website to pre-order. This looks like the best way for anyone in the UK to pick up these pre-paitned MDF buildings.

In addition, if you’re looking for a bank for your criminals to get involved in, Spectre are offering some neat additions to the pre-order.

The LAV-3 is slowly rolling towards us – Full Battle Rattle have got a fully assembled master. As you can see, it’s looking pretty good. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Finally, Project WW2 is ramping up as Empress has released the first three packs for their late war range. I am already looking at them and planning what I can do with them.

But wait, that’s not all! White Dragon Miniatures have shown off some of their upcoming Taliban releases, now painted and on a playing surface. I think you’ll agree they look pretty awesome and I can’t wait to see the rest of the range!

For more photos, take a look at https://www.facebook.com/groups/628206883900507/permalink/1990061027715079/


I caved – I picked up three Black Site Studios buildings from the Spectre pre-order program.

I’m also planning the purchases for York Wargames show next week. At the moment, it’s looking like the WW2 project will suddenly take a step forward.


My hobby time was limited this week due to various real world activities but I did manage to start on a conversion to turn one of the ghillie suited snipers into a spotter for my Brits. After chopping away the head and rifle, I just added a few bits from the plastic Brit para sprue. Next step will be green stuffing the detail back on, filling in the gaps and building up a hood around his head.

Game prototyping has continued. It’s really fun, and I’ve even managed to do it in the pub as well!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 21/01/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 14th through to the 20th of January.


Nothing this week – it’s not really been a very hobby active time.


On the other hand, so much news.

Black Site Studios has released a pile of buildings suitable for Ultramodern Middle East battles. They have really focused on the more urban areas, and the first release is a nice pair of focal buildings as well as various walls.

As with all Black Site stuff, these are prepainted MDF and so are ideal for getting onto the board quickly.

But that’s not all! There was a second wave of releases focusing on smaller buildings designed to add to the battlefield, giving you a few smaller obstacles that will need to be fought around or through.

Finally, great news for UK gamers! Spectre Miniatures will be stocking the Black Site stuff this side of the pond. Initially it will be for pre-order but there are plans to have them alongside the other things you might need to get started wargaming.

Speaking of Spectre, they have also been showing off something new. The lump of resin you can see in the photo is a JLTV, the replacement for the Humvee and Spectre are adding it to their range soon! From talking to them, this is going to be cross-compatible with the Humvee turret and weapon systems, giving your troops a wide selection of weapon systems to get online and use.

And speaking of weapons, Spectre have also preview this rather heavily armed Remote Weapon system. Armed with a 30mm cannon, Javelin ATGM tube and a M240 MMG, this system really does have something for every occasion.

Empress Miniatures have also been showing off something new. This preview shows a WIP of a German Puma IFV, ideal to backup your Empress Modern Germans that came out last year. Finally, they can ride to battle as originally intended.

Lastly, Under FIre Miniatures have been expanding their 28mm Bush Wars range, with more RhSAS (including a mortar team) and even some Selous Scouts with a nice selection of kit.




Honestly, this hasn’t really been a week for wargaming stuff. The only thing was meeting up with a friend on Saturday to play around with some rule ideas we had been looking at. More details soon? Maybe? I’m not sure.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 14/01/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 7th through to the 13th of January.


First up, I got a battle in on Thursday! As you can see on the post, it was an interesting game, both to organise and play. I’m looking forward to getting some more in!

Also exciting was seeing that I’ve been playing Skirmish Sangin for 4 years this week. You can tell how much I like it by the fact it’s still my go to. I’m also seeing all the photos of my first painted models which are :|.


Interesting news from Warbanner this week. They and Special Artisan Service Miniatures have partnered up to help bring SASM to the UK and the EU and make it easier for our American cousins to get their hand on Footsore and Warbanner. Warbanner also has a very good relationship with Sarissa, which could mean great news for anyone looking for more modern terrain.

I’m not going to add my own comment to this news – but I wish everyone involved the best in this endeavour.

New release wise, Spectre has popped up with another IFV. Perfect for backing up your Russian SF or as aid to your local regime, this upgrade to the BTR should be a pretty major threat on the battlefield while still carrying a squad of guys to grab the objectives.


Nothing! The BTR82A is very tempting but I think I want to clear off my lead pile a little bit (and maybe finally get round to selling the stuff


This week was a lot of little things. My original plan was to get this all done for Thursday but as part of my new plan for 2019, I decided to slow it down, take my time and get them right. As I mention in the battle report, some scatter would have really helped to break up the sight lines. Well,

The other stage was breaking out the rattle cans and getting the Sarrisa North African buildings undercoated. I covered them in some previous posts. But now I get to add some details, to get them ready for the table. More details coming soon.

Humvee Number 4 has been assembled! For this one, I decided I needed another less well-equipped Humvee for the local forces. So rather than antennas, I decided to use good old stowage. There will be a full post coming but most of it is from the Empress pack.

Finally, I assembled some WW2 figures. There will be a full post on these guys in a week or two once I nail down the concept for the platoon. But for now, a teaser as to what they are.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Battle Report – Rescue Mission – Skirmish Sangin

Okay, this game was an exercise in improvisation. What was originally planned as an all-out assault on a rebel fortress (cancelled due to lack of painting time) became a massive multi-person game (until we lost some players due to double booking) until finally it was down to a tight, three person game. And what a game it was.


US MARSOC Team Sabre has been separated and immobilised behind enemy lines. Radio communications report their Humvee was damaged in an ambush and the team has sustained casualties.

ISAF-AP forces are directed to recover injured personnel and destroy assets. Local National Forces are available to assist.

Enemy militia forces are on site and moving to the target location. Motives unknown. ISTAR has spotted unknown forces among the Militia units.

ISAF-AP must fulfil the following objectives:
MARSOC Team must be escorted off the board
– MARSOC team cannot move until contacted by friendly troops
MARSOC Humvee must be destroyed by the use of incendiary devices
– This must be placed
by hand

The MARSOC team consists of four guys. Well three guys for me to activate. A team leader, a LMG gunner and a final trooper carrying his injured buddy around. This last trooper was unable to run while assisting his buddy and only armed with a pistol (the rest of his kit left behind in the humvee.)

Coming to rescue them was a combined force of US Special Forces and local Bazistan Forces. The four operators had light body armour and were armed with a mix of weapons including assault rifles, combat shotguns and an LMG. The local force were in heavy body armour, 5 soldiers armed with assault rifles and another totting a PKM.

Against them was a sizeable insurgent force. Although lacking body armour they did have an RPG and PKM to help put the fire down, as well as a total of 8 soldiers. Interestingly alongside them was a group of bandana-wearing operators. These guys only had assault rifles and light body armour but were rolling hard with grenades.

Seen from above, you can see the battle zone. ISAF-AP are entering from the the top left, while the insurgents would move on through the fields. In the centre of the map was the construction site where the MARSOC team have dug in, their damaged Humvee outside.

As both teams start to move, two of the operators from the rescue party work their way through the quiet streets.

The lead scout of the Bazi Army squad rushes up to an abandoned vehicle to use for cover.

Meanwhile on the other side of the board, the contractors wait as militia fighters begin to advance.

Thanks to their high body rating, two of the operators bombed forward to get into a position overlooking the damaged humvee.

They aren’t the only one getting into position. Two of the contractors move into a position to rush, one of them popping a smoke grenade to cover their advance.

Concerned by this, the MARSOC LMG gunner started scanning the horizon. After spotting an engaging a militia fighter, he relocated to behind the engine block of the nearby pickup, hoping those fuel drums on the back were empty.

Dodging the machine gun fire, one of the contractors pops smoke to block line of sight and then moves up into the cloud.

Meanwhile, the Bazistan Army were moving up as a squad. The PKM gunner started heading for the roof.

A third smoke grenade filled in the gap, blocking the humvee from any of the US-SF guys. Just in time for one of the contractors to bust up and get close to the intel inside the humvee.

Despite the firing around him, the contractor manages to wrench the door of the Humvee open and recover the data disc. Looks like payday for this merc!

Seeing the enemy getting closer, one operator decides to drop a second smoke in order to build up. However, rolling a 100, the smoke grenade simply rolls out of his hand and goes off directly in front of him.

The nearby insurgents decide to back this hero up, not having seen the fumble that just occured. They also rushed passed one of their comrades who had been hit (the cards hiding his current condition until someone checks on them).

The Bazi Army hold back and hammer rounds down range, except for one brave soldier who rushes forward to make contact with the stranded MARSOC team.

Good news for the ISAF-AP team! The injured Marine and his buddy managed to meet up with one of the US-SF guys. The rest of the MARSOC team were still engaging the agressors, hammering 5.56mm whenever the militia would popup.

But tragedy strikes! A grenade, thrown to take out machine gunner on the roof scattered into the open and bringing the US-SF team leader into it’s blast radius. The armour absorbed some of it but he was still knocked unconscious, sliding down the wall behind him.

After running through a hail of gunfire, the contractor with the data managed to get back to his buddies. This actually started shifting the militia’s objectives. They started falling back, popping off some suppression to make sure the data was secure.

The US Marines still in the fight managed to put fire down, pop smoke and fall back through the building. They were probably happy to see the Bazi Army soldier frantically giving them the Jambo as they ran past.

However every moment of joy for ISAF-AP was tempered by something sour. And oh boy, was this sour.

In one of the last shots of the game, the RPG gunner who had moved to flank managed to get onto the rooftop. With a super low chance to hit, he fired and rolled a critical. With a single super powerful shot, two of the operators were taken out, one KIA and the other critically injured.

The sole remaining US-SF operator, having heard his team go down, rushed after the fleeing merc carrying the data, desperately trying to catch up with him. With the final dice roll, he shot and missed. The Merc kept running, successfully escaping with his prize.

Who knows what shenanigans someone could get up to with that classified material…

At the game’s end, the MARSOC team had been successfully rescued, with the loss of three veteran operators rendered combat ineffective. However, the classified material was now in the wind, possibly setting up a future game.

Overall, it wasn’t the game I originally planned but everyone involved had a good time. There was some comments about getting some more cover to break up the sight lines, so I think it’s time to base up all my scatter. Come back next time for more events in Bazistan.

Wargaming Week 07/01/2019

And we are back in 2019! Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the Christmas Break!


First up in terms of posts was the second part of my fantasy game project! With two new sprues to look at, I managed to create a few more heroes ready for painting from the crewman and female soldier sprues. Now I just need to get to painting them…

But that wasn’t all for posts! I managed to get a game of Chain of Command in against my usual wargaming buddy Peeb’s Gaming Nonsense. Clashing over a compound in the desert using his Western Desert forces, we had a really good time! And you might be seeing more Chain of Command soon!

Looking ahead, I do also have some thoughts on my Killteam Day that I should write up at some point. Also this week I should be running a game so keep an eye out for a battle report on Friday, as well as other posts if I get anything extra painted and ready for it.


Of course, just because I took a break didn’t mean everyone else did. So there was a bit of news waiting for me when I got back to my blog writing desk.

Black Site Studios, who will be sharing a stand with Spectre Miniatures at Adepticon, have shown off some previews for next year which is quite exciting. As someone who has been playing a lot of Insurgency Sandstorm, that second building could be very interesting to fight through.

Spectre Miniatures came in with a triple threat of new things. First up, and probably the biggest news, they have announced V2 of Spectre Operations coming this year. I’ve actually had a few opportunities to play with the WIP changes and they really help to polish off the sticking points I have had with the rules, especially with vehicles and larger games. The new additions will also help to extend the game with some new features.

Next up was the arrival of the Chinese in Spectre’s range. The first of two releases is the Assault Team. These guys are equipped in a similar way to many Western SF units and carry a modular rifle system complete with all the usual toys you would expect. Much like many of the other squad packs Spectre has released, this pack includes figures suitable for some other roles, such as a marksman, grenadier and an SMG to assist with stealthy eliminations.

The second SF team is a bit more of a specific role. Named as Jungle Squad, these guys are ideal for fighting through the dense rainforests around Chinese interests in some part of Africa. As well as bullpup rifles, there are also some truly unique weapons such as a M79 clone, a crossbow and, perhaps most worrying, a flamethrower. There are also some neat touches on the models themselves, such as the gaiters around the boots, to really make them ideal for their role.

Table Top Tactical Simulations continue to add releases to their range – this now includes US gunner figures matching their Army range and ideal for their trucks.

Tiny Terrain, fresh off their Kickstarters, has shown off something new coming next year. They are working on a 1:50 scale T62 – ideal for a whole host of conflicts. I’m really looking forward to it so expect news when it’s available for purchase!

So this popped up on the Modern Miniatures group. After doing some digging, this description came up:

 in Fire Team Echo1, players take on the roles of an elite force similar to Seal Team Six. Game play is scenario based and extremely deadly. If a downed PC isn’t stabilized before the end of the mission he’s KIA… and combat skill don’t carryover to the new recruits.

each player takes on a role. The enemy is ran by the games tactics. The game can also be played solo as well.

This seems like a really interesting idea for a game, especially for someone who prefers the more RPG esque systems. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

Finally some great news from Full Battle Rattle about their LAV-3 which went up for pre-order last year. Trenchworx has finished their first master and (aside from a few tweaks) are heading to production. Good news, we might see Canadains in Bazistan sooner than originally planned.


It was Christmas! So I got a few presents. Sadly the Broken Toad brushes I asked for were unavailable meaning the only gift from family I got related to wargaming is Leigh Neville’s new book. I have been eagerly awaiting it since it came out and I’m looking forward to sitting down with it properly. And then remembering all those little birds I need to finish getting ready for the tabletop.

And then there is this Christmas present that my long time wargaming buddy/opponent bought for me. Just a reminder – do not talk to your buddies about future projects you MIGHT be interested in doing in the future at some point even though you have a literal pile of other models to paint. Because they will remember.

But seriously, I am incredibly excited to sit down and build this. The Churchill is my favourite tank and there is something exciting about making one and then detailing it.

Of course, you can’t just have a single tank – it needs some infantry support. So I went to the Warlord games site and picked up… some things. I’ll be writing up a blog post at some point with more details on what I’m planning to do. Here is a hint – I’m watching Fury to get a feel for the tone of the platoon. There is going to be a lot of conversion work.

Finally, I picked up Spectre’s new Chinese SF Assault Squad. These are going to be a fun team to use on the tabletop and I’m a big fan of the poses. I haven’t picked up the Jungle team – I’m not quite ready to jump across the Red Sea to Zaiweibo yet and want to do a clean out before I reach that point.


Just before I left for my holiday break we had a big old Back of Beyond fight down at the Wargames club. As you might expect, it was a ridiculous 8 player bloodbath. Pictured above is the White Russian commander counting their pile of loot.

For more details, go take a look at SESWC’s summary, including links to the other participants.

I painted some Space Marines! My Deathwatch Killteam has been sat unpainted for a while and I have the silly idea of speed painting them in time for the Killteam day my friends were running over Christmas. And then I started painting and realised that I actually wanted to take my time with them. So I painted the base, skin and arms and marked them as ready.

They were not ready. They did… not well. More details when I write up the post.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week! And Happy New Year!