Wargaming Week 14/01/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 7th through to the 13th of January.


First up, I got a battle in on Thursday! As you can see on the post, it was an interesting game, both to organise and play. I’m looking forward to getting some more in!

Also exciting was seeing that I’ve been playing Skirmish Sangin for 4 years this week. You can tell how much I like it by the fact it’s still my go to. I’m also seeing all the photos of my first painted models which are :|.


Interesting news from Warbanner this week. They and Special Artisan Service Miniatures have partnered up to help bring SASM to the UK and the EU and make it easier for our American cousins to get their hand on Footsore and Warbanner. Warbanner also has a very good relationship with Sarissa, which could mean great news for anyone looking for more modern terrain.

I’m not going to add my own comment to this news – but I wish everyone involved the best in this endeavour.

New release wise, Spectre has popped up with another IFV. Perfect for backing up your Russian SF or as aid to your local regime, this upgrade to the BTR should be a pretty major threat on the battlefield while still carrying a squad of guys to grab the objectives.


Nothing! The BTR82A is very tempting but I think I want to clear off my lead pile a little bit (and maybe finally get round to selling the stuff


This week was a lot of little things. My original plan was to get this all done for Thursday but as part of my new plan for 2019, I decided to slow it down, take my time and get them right. As I mention in the battle report, some scatter would have really helped to break up the sight lines. Well,

The other stage was breaking out the rattle cans and getting the Sarrisa North African buildings undercoated. I covered them in some previous posts. But now I get to add some details, to get them ready for the table. More details coming soon.

Humvee Number 4 has been assembled! For this one, I decided I needed another less well-equipped Humvee for the local forces. So rather than antennas, I decided to use good old stowage. There will be a full post coming but most of it is from the Empress pack.

Finally, I assembled some WW2 figures. There will be a full post on these guys in a week or two once I nail down the concept for the platoon. But for now, a teaser as to what they are.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!