Wargaming Week 04/02/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 28th of January through to the 3rd of February.


There is blog stuff coming. I have a pile of it on my desk


Tiny Terrain has shown off some previews of their upcoming Russian Tank Crew. Designed to go with their upcoming T-60, these guys are great for Afghanistan or Chechnya as well as a whole host of nations that use that style of kit. I’m quite excited to see them with the vehicle so well worth keeping an eye on Tiny Terrain’s page.

After weeks of teasing, Spectre has finally released the LTV. And I don’t know about you but MAN does it look cool all painted up. I’m really a fan of the two-tone camo on one of the vehicles (especially after seeing it in person) and I think this will be a great addition to any motor pool, giving you more options when it comes to designing missions. It’s also designed to mesh well with the HMV range, with many of the turrets, stowage and add-on items able to fit onto the LTV. There will be more details when I post about mine.

At the same time Spectre have also released the Land Warfare RWS, the horrifying 30mm cannon, ATGM and M240 combo. This thing definitely means business and looks awe-inspiring when mounted on the LTV. Having thought about it more, this system is really ideal for scenarios between neer-peer forces – something else the LTV is designed for.


First up, I finally selected some replacements for the shitty brushes I bought last year. After weeks of waiting for Broken Toad to get the selection of brushes I wanted, I ended up buckling and just getting this Army Painter set off of Amazon. And the next day, it arrived on my desk.

I haven’t yet got round to using them but they seem good and at a reasonable price. Even better, they come with a really good guide on how best to use them.

And then I went to Vapnartak. As you might have guessed, I picked up the LTV from Spectre as well as the Land Warfare RWS and an upgrade pack to add the jamming aerial. The Spectre team also threw in two items coming soon, resin versions of items previously in metal. More details soon!

I also put in a pre-order and picked up some of the new Empress British for my WW2 project. One pack of bren guns and two each of the two rifle packs gives me enough for two sections (assuming the section leader carries a rifle). However, this would duplicate the poses which is not great but can be worked with. I’m thinking of doing some head surgery and green stuffing (as well as reducing the number of shovels these chaps seem to have collected)


I spent my Sunday visiting Vapnartak at York! This is one of my favourite shows, not just because it’s a chance to meet up with my usual wargaming buddy/opponent Peeb’s Gaming Nonsense but also because it’s the first show of the year meaning plenty of opportunities to talk to Spectre and Empress and hear what’s coming up. This year I got there pretty late but it did mean I got to get in for free AND run round with less of a fuss. Luckily I pre-ordered my items meaning I came away with exactly what I wanted.

There was also some cool games! Arriving late means a lot was slowing down but anyone playing Indiana Jones just had to have a picture taken of it!

More prototyping was done. This time with beer and pizza as well as the dice rolling. We added some objectives so the game feels more like an actual game rather than just a scrap in a back alley.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!