Wargaming Week 11/02/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 4th through to the 10th of February.


Writing and photos were taken of the LTV this week for the assembly stage. I’ll be moving it onto the paint desk soon.


First of all, Empress and Paul Hicks have been very busy! As well as the WW2 range, Empress have released the first look at the Vietnam range. This US rifleman is all ready for Tet in 1968 and looks pretty great! I’m going to be keeping an eye on this range while trying to resist picking it up and starting YET another project.

Spectre Miniatures are also pushing forward with work on V2 of the rulebook. This means they have been hard at work with the camera and this week they dropped a sneak preview of some of the images they have taken. I really like the style Spectre has with these, and I really need to improve my own skills in this area to make the blog even better.

Managing to avoid last week’s wargaming week, Black Site has shown off and put up for pre-order for a brand new kit. And oh boy, if you’ve been wanting an MDF ship but hated the idea of painting it, this looks ideal. As someone who wrote a scenario about fighting on a ship, it’s great to see the number of these kits become available, giving people the ability to play more interesting scenarios.


With this being the week after Vapa, my hand is staying well away from the buying things. Apart from another can of desert tan.


First up, I built the LTV I got from Vapa last weekend. This was a really satisfying kit to assemble – several big chunky pieces of resin to put together sensibly and even the wing mirrors are nice and solid. Having built my first, I’m really thinking about picking up more – these things look nice and chunky without being ridiculously sized like the M-ATV.

As well as the vehicles, I also started assembling the turrets I go with the vehicles. After finishing the Land Warfare RWS, apart from a bendy barrel, I realised I had a few other systems to look at. So expect a lot of updates coming to Project HMV soon!

There was also more prototyping – we had a lot of barbarians.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!