Wargaming Week 25/02/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 18th through to the 24th of February.


I am just putting the finishing touches on a blog post covering my plans for the WW2 project. This will just be covering the intro, as well as a few things I’m aiming for with it. From there, I can start writing post about the individual bits, like the churchill I assembled last week.

Although as a bit of a throwback, Spectre has started talking more about V2. Which reminded me about one of the few playtest games I actually wrote about, Big Bird Down. With the news of the full release coming Soon(tm) I’m really looking forward to playing a few more with all the improvements that the team at Spectre have been working on for the past year.


One piece of news this week – Spectre have brought back the Covert Package item to the webstore. This was something I was a fan of back when I was starting, letting you possibly try out new ranges without picking up a whole pack. I do have my concerns about all these blind box arrangements (people buying tons in the hope of getting a specific model is always a worry) but they are also pretty handy if you just need to push your order into the free postage category.


No real purchases this week other than a Warlord base pack for my WW2 project. This should give me all the bases I need for my project (infantry, prone bases, Jumping off Points and Patrol Markers).


So hobby. Honestly, it’s that time of the cycle where I’ve been distracted by real life. I’ve recently had a positive change in my life that makes me incredibly happy but does require a little rebalancing of time between job, hobby and freetime. However, thanks to the antics of my wargaming buddies back in Yorkshire (Peeb’s Gaming Nonsense and GetWhimsical) I’m starting to get excited again!

That said, I did manage to break out the spray paint and get the LTV and Humvee IV undercoated and in tan. They only need a few extra tweaks and then they should be good to go on the battlefield (and in a blog post).

Also more prototyping! Managed to spend an evening making sure the concepts make sense and then a weekend playing around with it. The other person involved in it is wanting to have it playable for an event in March so we’re working to make sure it’s something that is fun to play right now!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!