Wargaming Week 25/03/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 18th through to the 24th of March. BLOG STUFF The battle report from last week's game is almost done - I'm just adding the last few touches to it, including a section talking about the scenario design and analysing the result. This is something that always comes up in … Continue reading Wargaming Week 25/03/2019

Wargaming Week 18/03/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 11th through to the 17th of March. BLOG STUFF This week, I finally got a new post up taking a look at Spectre's latest vehicle release, the LTV. As you can see, I really enjoyed assembling and getting it painted, so I'm probably going to be adding a second … Continue reading Wargaming Week 18/03/2019

Wargaming Week 11/03/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 4th through to the 10th of March. BLOG STUFF The WW2 introduction post finally went up (and only three months late). Despite being packed full of unpainted models, I'm really looking forward to this project. Having spent most of the morning before writing this reading "With the Jocks", I'm … Continue reading Wargaming Week 11/03/2019

Wargaming Week 04/03/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 25th of February through to the 3rd of March. BLOG STUFF Yeah I didn't finish that WW2 post - I got too distracted assembling the models. But soon! NEWS https://www.facebook.com/spectreminiatures/posts/2444461845777358?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAw5g8VFZA4w-z_ziBx4tvZEUMkYmTgaaMoD-AhNECZ5KjK7BOhNXYlRSwfTJFko32HbgvNee7WLUP95ppTTyv5Zg_mBWoWsxYMMtKSOKS2y3RymJEv-GVtgZLU2cd1D_EbnqjeCzu2yTJ9uh_VoJhiTb-KWNiCaQIOdq2Pak7S6oH2Lf3BH2wMCfgnE-Xn50Yg112Vd9UAVOlXNEdtrQFYUp9XF3EDbMV85ei4L8D_b4RQsWxB89AYA93XhXsOqCyVDo9AnbxdqxR43TJpDVuJASyVMtxHiOS-TTOwQpVJT1jGWuulixxbZib_tahV5bSZeI_E7x9n3t05iQzvFybzG2hAkQoBMhEgKhxpwrGRYJhK4rn6nIj3rukhvXubmh8iXsBAVZ7Pq6GtW9iF6hDwCbGM-FEnUaYNA0O2IdbUL4i20myxADLMgf4muzQsUc5IEH4mCNYcz1ql5cppA5Lr-LQomyaW1uLmYMH8g0QfM93WBqO1gmbbZhkvpA&__tn__=C-R Big news! Spectre V2 is finally announced and up for pre-order. I'm really excited about it, especially after seeing … Continue reading Wargaming Week 04/03/2019