Wargaming Week 18/03/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 11th through to the 17th of March.


This week, I finally got a new post up taking a look at Spectre’s latest vehicle release, the LTV. As you can see, I really enjoyed assembling and getting it painted, so I’m probably going to be adding a second one to my collection at Salute.


Empress didn’t manage to get their new site up and running just yet (hopefully this week) so they sneaked out the releases on the current website.

First up, some female insurgents for the Ultramodern range. Inspired by female Kurdish fighters, these packs provide a variety of weapons making them ideal to scatter into your squads for some variety.

Next up, more Brits for the WW2. More riflemen, a pair of PIAT teams and some SMG gunners means you can start tweaking your squads and building up a full platoon for Chain of Command. These guys continue to be excellent sculpts from Paul Hicks, packed full of details to make them look like hard fighting Jocks.

Finally from the pile of Empress news we have the first packs from the new Vietnam range. Focusing on the US Marines in Hue City, these packs include some guys with M16s, M60s and M79s. As you can see, still being sculpted by Paul Hicks and they are looking great.

The date for these guys to be released is looking like early April, but they have been added to the store to let you pre-order some models. In addition, they should be available in time for Salute.

As much as I am interested in some Vietnam gaming, I’m going to have to try and resists. Until they make some SOG guys and suddenly I’m up to my elbows in the light green.

Finally, by the time you read this, I should have a copy of Spectre Operations V2 on my desk at work. Expect a lot more work on this when it arrives but based on the preview images it’s going to be good. Fingers crossed I’ll be having my first game of it after relase this week!


As you might have guessed, I picked up a big pile of Empress stuff. The Female Insurgents will be a nice bit of variety while the new Brits get me one step closer to having a full platoon.

More importantly, I paid the annual blood tax to the train companies and London hotels and booked my Salute weekend away. I’ll be staying an extra day rather than just rushing up and down, giving me a little time to look around and catch up with a few extra people.


First up, my time off helped me to get the LTV finished and ready for the table. It’s all very similar to the previous vehicles I’ve done in terms of painting but with a lovely little bit of extra detail, mostly on the rear section. However, it’s really nice to get things done.

As part of getting things done, and needing some more cover for the next game, I finally decided to get my scatter terrain finished off. This has meant breaking out the filler and sand before getting ready to paint. One thing Spectre and most modern games need is some low cover to move between and it will really add the look and feel of the board.

Finally, I’ve started planning my next game at the club on Thursday. Thinking it might be time to break out the LTV and maybe even the return of an objective marker from the demo game…

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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